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I grew up in a house full of music, or it always seemed to be. I don't remember watching tele much, but my earliest memories involve music - either 70's pop music via the "wireless" or the HiFi. My parents would play the likes of Roxy Music, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, King Crimson, etc. As a youngster, I didn't have tastes per se, I just liked listening to music and taping stuff off the radio. I started to develop my own tastes around my...
  Thanks logwed   Those are Nordost aluminium Pulsar Points, the underneath of the dac gets pretty hot so I use them just to help keep the temperature down a little.  
My current stations as they are at the moment.   Simple Computer Rig ~ (Icon Audio HP8 & Gigalab Moon DAC II)     Bedside Rig ~ (Sony X & 12AU7 Starving Student)     Main Rig ~ (inc. AMB M³, Esoteric UX-3, Mhdt Havana, etc)  
Thanks guys!   The wood sides are attached with 1/2" screws from inside through the steel brackets - just so if I get bored with them I can swap them for something else, e.g. darker wood.
~ M³ ~   Finished this one a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty much a standard build using AD8610 opamps. I splashed out a bit on a TKD pot, the amp is very quiet.     Case is made from reconstituted 5mm aluminium for the top, bottom, front and back that I've brushed and clear-coated. Sides are made from galvanized steel, alu angle and wood from a chopping board.     Some more pics of the build here -...
Thanks for the compliments.   I just applied three of coats of regular oil-based clear satin varnish (Ronseal I think) and just lightly wet and dried between coats.
~ Starving Student 12AU7 ~     My second go at a Starving Student (first being the Beezar PCB kit)     I've used Ohmite carbon composite resistors, Vishay axial electrolytic and TAD "mustard" caps as well as a pair of JJ Valves.   I used star grounding as opposed to soldering the grounds to a plate.  
Cheers ~ I shall do just that.
Thanks everybody!
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