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  I believe PSX was a code name during development of the console.
gelocks,   All my older amps - Headmaster, CamAmp, HP8 - all certainly had there own character but it was difficult to determine which was really better. When I started building my b22 I was kind of in the same boat as you. I did tell my self at the time that there is a possibility it may not be that much of an improvement over the M3, so kept my expectations in check. But it's really in a different league, even when I first hooked it up with a portable CDP as...
Quote: OK ...you convinced me, I'll keep the wood   I must say, your IEMs are simply beautiful works of sculpture. Lovely stuff!     I did it by repeatedly dragging 80 grit production paper towards me while the panel was secured with masking tape wrapped sticky side out around a block of wood. Afterwards I did the same thing with scotch-bright to smooth and even out the surface before applying the clear coat.   It isn't a difficult effect to achieve, as long as you...
I did consider various ways of fixing the mesh, but decided to simply clamp it in place between the top panel and angle. I'd actually never heard of JB Weld before, looks interesting.   Anyway - thanks for the compliments everyone!
Glad you like it!   Yep, I chose 3mm because it's a sensible thickness, easier to cut and mount stuff on. Though it seems that thicker (e.g. 5mm) ali polishes and brushes better for some reason. I only really used copper for looks, because it's harder I only used that for the front panels as there wasn't much drilling to be done.
Thanks guys - though I have nicked a few ideas from others.     It's the standard (vishay-dale) version shunt type from Khozmo.  
 Quote:     Thanks for the kind words - it's definitely worth the time, effort and (sometimes) pain building one. I've just posted some nicer pics, including internals here.    
That mini3 looks sweet, the grill adds a nice touch.   For the last six months, on and off, my time has been spent building a Beta22!     It isn't quite finished yet, as I have to properly wire up the inputs and sort out the slight rat's nest around the back.     Owing to me making the case a little too small, I decided to go with a two channel version instead of the originally planned active ground configuration.     The cases are made...
  Main system as of July ~ just added an almost finished β22.
Micheal Pisaro - "asleep, street, pipes, tones" (Gravity Wave CD) Micheal Pisaro - "close constellations and a drum on the ground" (Gravity Wave CD) Douglas Quinn - "forests ~ a book of hours" (Earth Ear CD) Douglas Quinn - "Fathom" (Taiga LP) Berlioz - "Symphonie Fantastique" Colin Davis/Concertgebouw Orchestra (Decca/Universal SHM-SACD) Girls' Generation - S/T (Japanese Deluxe First Press Limited Edition CD)   Haven't been buying much music recently....
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