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Some Japanese Psych/Noise CDs -- Astral Traveling Unity - Studio and Live (aRCHIVE) Fu*****usha * - Origin's Hesitation (PSF) Go Hirano - Corridor Of Daylights (PSF) Sachiko - You Never Atone For... (Musik Atlach) Suishou No Fune - Untitled (Japanoise) Suishou No Fune - Where The Sprits Are (Holy Mountain) * Fu shi tsu sha
Pitchfork, Those comedians gave De-loused in the Comatorium 4.9 and Lateralus 1.9. I hate Pitchfork.
Arrived just in time for Christmas -- Filament -- Dark Room Filled With Light (DVD) David Lacey / Paul Vogel / Mark Wastell -- Confront Performance Series 01 Mirror -- Viking Burial For A French Car Mark Wastell -- Amongst Englishmen
Hototogisu -- Some Blood Will Stick
um... The Feeling... i find their songs kinda catchy....
Family Underground -- Axial (Chocolate Monk CD-R)
Stevie Wonder -- Innervisions A second-hand copy first edition LP. (i think)
Robin Fox --- Backscatter (Synaethesia DVD)
Hive Mind --- Sand Beasts
Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars
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