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Some recently acquired classical recordings that I'm enjoying at the moment.   Feldman ~ Piano and String Quartet ~ Vicky Ray/Eclipse Quartet Schubert ~ Piano Sonatas D.850 & 894, etc ~ Paul Lewis Vivaldi ~ "La Straviganza" ~ Rachel Podger/Arte dei Suonatori Various ~ Pentatone: The First 10 Years (10 SACD Box)
Shielded AC Power Cord     Ingredients: Belden 19364 cable, Wattgate 320i IEC, Clipsal 56P313 Plug and Viablue medium sized sleeving.
  Cheers!   At the moment I'm driving them with an Icon Audio HP8 headphone amp that puts out a face melting 2 wpc.   They sound better than I thought they would, obviously they have their limitations (rolled off extremes) but the midrange is nice and clear, the sound is generally on the warm/relaxed side and they actually do bass quite well.   I didn't do any calculations, just based the enclosure on a Fostex design used for similar sized drivers.
Fancied a quick and dirty cheap pair of small speakers for my computer system, these were the result.       Enclosures are made from Sainsbury's acacia placemats with stripwood inside for added strength and finished with a couple of applications of teak oil.   I've used Tang Band W3-1364SA 3" Bamboo drivers, Solen binding posts and Twaron Angel Hair wadding.
I like it jmwreck - I guess you've used some kind of resin or somesuch, it should be quite durable.   I used 7mm and 11mm sleeving, both available from partsconnexion.   I found it pretty easy to do as the layers weren't too tight and didn't pull, but it's still a good idea to use adhesive heatshrink to hold everything in place.    
A couple of my recent efforts.     Cotton XLRs - Cardas 21.5awg copper litz wire used for hot and cold conductors with 18awg Alphawire SPC in PTFE for ground. Double sleeved in cotton with Cardas XLR connectors.   Geometry based on ideas by Steve Nugent. Approx. length 0.8 metres.     Silver ICs - Duelund 1.0 silver foil in silk & oil wire with Audio Note silver plated RCA plugs. Parallel configuration. Approx. length 0.8 metres.    
Thanks for the kind words everyone.   There is no benefit at all, I only had a metre of the Cardas left.     The sleeving (2.5mm inner dia.) is from Partsconnexion at $2.60 a foot.   I agree, didn't realize that gold ones were available at the time - shall have to upgrade!      
Silk Mini to RCA Y Cable       Ingredients - Cardas 20.5awg signal conductor, Alphawire 18awg return, silk sleeving and Switchcraft connectors. Length approx 0.5metres.
Cotton Sleeved Interconnect.     Ingredients - Cardas 21.5 awg copper signal conductor, CHK silver plated RCA plugs, 7mm cotton sleeving.   Length - 0.8 metres.
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