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My setup as of July     Been using a Grace m903 for a couple of months and loving it especially with the HD650s. The HD800s have only just arrived, so far not terribly impressed.
Congratulations sceleratus, your amp looks wonderful!   This thread has inspired me to get off my backside and get mine done.
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Ground Zero - Consume Red   Classic room-clearing racket from Otomo and friends.
  Morton Feldman - Crippled Symmetry: at June in Buffalo - The Feldman Soloists Rolf Julius - Raining Sukora - Snow Drop   Particularly looking forward to getting the Feldman disc.
Thanks for the kind words .Sup!     Cheers! very nice work indeed. I was doing alright until I fitted the jack plug then it all fell apart.
My first LOD, didn't quite turn out as well as I wanted.       It's made from a FiiO L5 (Sony) connector, Jupiter silver/silk wire, teflon tubing and a Neutrik right-angled jack.
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