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I have some made by Monacor (model NC-504/P) from Audiophonics, cost around €5.
At last got my hands on the Ftarri Collection.
With regard to EMS charges. I was invoiced a total of £28.67 (£13.50 Handling + £15.17 VAT) by Parcelforce, this is with a value of ¥10,410 marked on the parcel by PJ.
Some piano music. Busoni - Late Piano Music - Marc-André Hamelin Dennis Johnson - November - R.Andrew Lee
Stephen Cornford ~ Binatone Galaxy Stephen Cornford & Patrick Farmer ~ A Measure of Ground Matt Earle/Jason Kahn/Adam Sussman ~ Draught Michael Pisaro ~ The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders
  Ailee - Invitation Ailee - A's Doll House Cotton Wind - Cooking Music f(x) - Pink Tape Xia - Tarantallegra
Yeah it's still my favourite amp by some margin.
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