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I like the idea of the Sansa Thank you. Irivers seem to be in the region 100 - 130.
I am in a similar situation with my Rockboxxed H140 and am tempted to buy another one but the used prices seem ridiculous. The main issue is one of accessibility - I really like the interface on the children's touches but not the sound!
I must say I am in no hurry to change either my ER 4P's or my SR71!
Hello I haven't been around for a long time and am out of touch with developments in the last 3 years!   However the upgrade bug has bitten againI and  think the time is right to replace the iRiver with something more user friendly.   My main rig consists of a Rockboxed H140, original RSA SR-71 and Etymotic ER4P with p to s adapter.   Is there a smartphone with a really good line out that I  can use into the SR-71 or will I have to go down the external dac...
Wipe the Cables with Tabasco - I doubt he will do it again!
Hi All   As you can see from my signature, my kit hasn't changed much for several years - but arguably hasn't needed to!   However the iriver is starting to need tlc so it is maybe time for a change. I tried to plug an ipod Touch into the amp using the Cottondock only to (belatedly) realise that it doesn't disable the Touch's speakers.    What good quality docks are generally available in the UK or Europe - the Fiio L9? I don't want to spent a fortune at this...
How about a Voyager?
Morning All. As the cable on my HD580s has just started playing up and the cable on my 990s also needs replacing I have been looking for a step by step guide to rewiring headphones but despite using the search engine can't find one. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Pars Just build a sigma22 set for +/- 12Vdc. Better PSU (probably by far). 3 pin DIN connector and you would be set. The Little Pinkie is 100 GBP? There should be several builders who could do this for you The σ22 Regulated Power Supply Have you actually tried a little pinkie? Have you actually done a back to back comparison?
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