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I'm asking because I have not yet purchased any equipment yet. I have some Grado's with just a PA2V2 (don't laugh guys, you gotta start somewhere I am thinking about getting a Pioneer DV-578A player and maybe a Yamaha 2600 receiver or something comparable. That's all I have the money for at this time and it will be a while before my new house is built so I won't have room for loudspeakers for a long time. I was just hoping you would be able to tell a difference with...
Can you guys tell a difference with these formats by just using headphones? Just curious, thanks.
I know these are just entry level phones especially for you guys but would anyone recommend a decent amp to go with these? I was thinking maybe a CMOY or PA2V2. I love tube amps but I'm assuming that would be overkill for SR 80's. Let me know. Thanks.
By the way, the difference between the Grado SR 60 vs. the SR 80 are: The 60 has soft earpads instead of the thick foam pads on the 80's (and higher models) The SR 80 have a little more bass but other than that they are the same
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