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I think I got it figured out. I'm looking for a line out so that I can bypass the internal iPod DAC so I ordered the bling bling after reading some other posts.
Sorry, I posted this in the wrong spot. I reposted in the appropriate forum.
I need one of these, is it just called a line out for my iPod? Is this an item I have to order or is there a chance that I could find this at a local store? Thanks.
Hey guys. Where can I get a cable that plugs into the 1/8 jack from my iPod into my PA2V2. I'm hoping I don't have to order it and I can pick it up locally.
I know these are new but has anyone heard any feedback for the Denon DVD 757 Denon DVD 1930CI I was hoping to use one of these (I don't know the difference between models yet) along with maybe an Xcans amp or something. I know the DVD-1930CI features Dual Burr-Brown PCM-1738 192kHz/24-bit audio DACs. I know most of you guys like external DACs but I don't want to spend like $500 on a modded Zhalou so I'd rather invest it in my CD player. Do you guys think this setup...
Azure, a built in headphone amp would be nice or I'd be willing to buy one separate. I've never had a dedicated amp (my little PA2V2 doesn't count) so I don't know if I would like a tube amp or other type better. I just want a really nice sound. Here is some types of music I like although I listen to everything: Beck - Sea Change Pink Floyd - everything David Gilmour (Dark Side, Delicate Sound, etc.) Jack Johnson Radiohead everything else from 2pac to Frank Sinatra...
Yes but keep in mind that I have nothing now. I have no CD player, receiver, etc. Just an iPod I used to have a nice system but when I got married, I sold all of it and got a piece of %&*! all in one system. Now I would like to start from scratch and I will be using headphones only for atleast a year or 2, I'm building a house soon and reserving the 3rd level for a home theater and until then I don't have room for external speakers. Anyways, would would you guys...
Ok so if I spent $250 on a DAC and $250 on a SACD/DVD A player what would some of you recommend? Or would that be enough to sound pretty good. I'd be using Grado 225's and I'm not concerned with external speakers for a long while so headphones would be my primary method of listening.
Thanks for the explanations so if I understand you guys correct then it is not a necessity, it does not improve the sound quality and I may be better off spending more money on my source? Is that correct?
I know that it is a D/A audio signal converter but I'd like someone to explain a little further and what do I run through a DAC? How much is a decent one, etc.? I'm trying to plan out my system and I'm starting from scratch so I value your opinion/suggestions. Thanks
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