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Payment sent. Thanks!
Ok, that actually makes perfect sense. I just had to verify to make sure I wouldn't have to reimport all my CD's at a later time. Thanks for the clarification all.
In iTunes: When going to preferences > Advanced > Importing > Import Using: Apple Lossless Decoder, I get varying rates of 712 kbps to 1158kbps that varies randomly from song to song even on the same CD when importing. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks
If you are worried about the hassle of recharging the batteries then the PA2V2 comes with a recharger. Also, the batteries last a ridiculously long time.
I'm in the market for new headphones, I currently have SR80's and I've enjoyed them but find them too aggressive. The 701's sound like they would be a good fit for me due to my musical tastes (acoustic, female vocals, Pink Floyd, etc.) but I worry about the lack of bass. I read that the bass extends low and is accurate but lacks punch on the 701's. I am satisfied with the bass that my SR80's produce and would like to hear a comparison in terms of bass between the two....
Hey I don't mean to get off topic since this is discussing RS2's but I have SR 80's and wanted to upgrade to AKG 701's, anyone think there is little difference between these two? I would think the AKG's would be a nice upgrade especially at their price and I find the SR 80's a tad bit bright even though they have served me well and I enjoy them overall.
Funny a few people chimed in about Pink Floyd: Money Us & Them Shine On You Crazy Diamond but I have one to add: Dogs of War What's best is that you can find all these songs on 1 CD (well a 2 CD set): "Delicate Sound of Thunder"
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatFan12 Hy fi, you do not need a DAC for the ipod. Get some nice RCA to mini interconnects and an ipod dock and the amp. I like the ZU Pivot, but there are many out there. Thanks for the cable recommendation! I'm glad to hear that I can do without a dac for a while, I was hoping that the tube amp sound of the MK III could color the sound enough to enjoy from my iPod's line out til I save up. By the way, how do you...
I want to upgrade from my SR 80's and PA2V2 to something better even though I'm on a budget. I want to go the tube route and would like to try the LD MKIII based on the reviews. My next upgrade would be headphones and I'd like to try AKG 701's if the MK III can power them ok, after that it would be a budget dac. My concern is that I mainly listen to an Ipod as my source so do I have to invest in a dac before acquiring an amp to get decent results? Thanks
I am on somewhat of a budget and would like your opinions since I am new and unable to audition any of these components locally. Also, if you have other suggestions then feel free to add them. Which would sound better? OPPO DV-970HD Universal Player $150 Zhaolu 2.5 DAC (no mods) $250 OR Denon DVD-1930CI Universal player $350 Gilmore Lite with dedicated power supply $350 (used) The top combo would be less expensive by a good margin but I know that people...
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