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Lextek I see we share another hobby, RC heli's if that drop cloth is any indication. I'm not advanced enough for the Align T-Rex stuff yet though... 
Got it, thanks!
I'm on WIN 7 and using the latest drivers for the Monitor 02 and Foobar v1.1.10 (the latest stable ver.). This works but on the Monitor Control Panel it shows the output as Wave and not ASIO. I have the Monitor 02 (speakers) device selected in the Components > Playback > Output in Foobar. I also have the ASIO component downloaded for Foobar but I'm not sure what I need to select in order to get bit perfect. Any suggestions?   Thanks
WelL I got my crack the other day and it sounds so good with the HD650's. Not only that but further confirmation that I made the right choice is that there is a particular tube combination that really makes a difference for me. Since the Valhalla cannot be tube rolled then you'd better like the sound of those stock tubes.   I'm not knocking the Valhalla at all especially since I have not heard it but just saying that the tube rolling can make a serious difference. I...
Does anyone have a source of just a single Tung Sol 5998? I can't find anything below $100. Feel free to pm me if you prefer to do so.   Thanks
Yeah I just bought a Crack so I can at least let you know how that sounds (when it gets here) even though I can't do a comparison vs the Valhalla. I ended up going for the Crack because there are many more reviews and positive feedback regarding it and people even saying it is better than a Woo Audio WA3 in some cases.   I also figure that I can upgrade with the Speedball upgrade and tube roll to scale it up too.
I am currently in between amps and using a Monitor 02 to amp my HD 650's. They sound pretty good. There's a Headphonia review on it too.
Hello all, I am considering my next amp purchase for my Sennheiser HD 650's and the Valhalla and Crack seem to be getting good reviews. Anyone tried both with the 650's? I don't care that the Crack kit is less expensive, I'm just curious to which one might sound better with the 650's.   I know you can tube roll the crack so that may be an advantage although I prefer the looks of the Valhalla but the stock tubes are pretty much their limitation from what I...
Just picked this up, great album. It is so rare that I like new music. Thanks for the heads up!
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