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I have a Bottlehead Crack for sale with extra tubes. I'm not the original owner but it sounds great and is very quiet.   Tubes:   Westinghouse 6080 RCA 6AS7G Bugle Boy ECC82 RCA Clear Top 12AU7A Electro Harmonix 12AU7A/ECC82   Please feel free to PM me or ask any questions, thanks.
I have a NOS Tung Sol 5998 tube for sale that I bought a few months ago from Skylab. I used it for about an hour in my Crack, it was dead silent in terms of harmonics/buzzing and sounded great but I'm in the process of letting go of some of my gear since I went from an office to a cubicle at work.   Please let me know if you have any questions and PM me if you are interested.   Paypal only please Shipping to CONUS only I'll pay for shipping
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I just ordered Steely Dan Aja remastered in Nov 23, 1999. Anyone have experience with that one? I hope it is good. I must admit to automatically assuming that the remasters were typically improved upon vs. original versions. Maybe I should start another thread for people's opinions on specific CD's/Albums remastered releases. I was looking at The Doors remastered releases too.  
I have the Monitor 02 and Crack combo which I love with the HD 650's. I hear the HRT Music Streamer 2 has a better sounding dac than what I have so if I were in your position I would try that combo out (music streamer + Crack). The Crack sounds unbelievable for the price and it gives you a nice warm sound. You can also tube roll. My favorite combo so far is just an RCA 6AS7G and RCA clear tops which are not expensive.
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In my research on amps I see that people like the Crack with their T1's. I have the Crack for my 650's. In that price range you could do the Crack + Speedball and nicer tubes.
I have the Musiland Monitor 02 and I like that combo but I have not compared it to anything else. If I had your budget then I would consider the Schiit Bitfrost. I like the modular concept. 
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