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I would like to know if I Am I Tagging The Year Of My Ripped Music CD Using Cowon Jet Audio Correctly?   Let me give you 3 examples:   I have a CD (album not compilation) that was released in 2006 by Kenny Rogers that was originally released on vinyl in 1983. How do I go about tagging the year correctly?   Do I put 1983 the original year it was released on vinyl in the year box or 2006 the year the CD was released????   Also what do you put in the year...
Thank You. I checked my back up hard ddrive it turns out i didn't lose as much songs as I thought I originally did. But i did lose a couple of cds.   I encode at Flac level 2. Does it really matter at what level flac I encode in?
I want a lossless codec that's universal. For instance I used to encode all my music in flac but Sony Mp3 players don't support Flac as far as I am aware.   I somehow lost 1/4 of music on my hard drive so I want to re-encode all my music cds onto my hard drive. I currently have a Cowon D2+ mp3 player. I notice Sony used to carry their Walkman players but they don't support flac.   Can you please help me out?   Thank You Very Much.
I use Tunebelt's original CD1 Carrier  made for holding cd players but it has enough space for my Cowon D2 & Atrios Earphones and  2 slots i can use to listen to my music at the same time that's how I store & can use them at the same time.  
Just waiting for the weather to get better so I can bring out my SofterWear Atrios. If it's cold and rainy outside I won't use them outside on that particular day. I take care of my stuff and don't want them to get damaged. I would use them inside though. But if the weather is like spring and summer I would definitely use them inside and outside on bus, subway, and in the car.  
Quote:   I guess the SofterWear Sleeves is a good investment if you love the Atrios sound signature and are not happy with the eartips they came with for whatever reason.   Also I was assured by Dayna that the SofterWear Sleeves will work on future generations of Atrios since the Atrios' nozzle will never change.  
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do alphaphoenix.  
I called Dayna today to thank her for the best customer service i've ever received from any company ever.    
My favorite europop group is Modern Talking and their songs definitely brings out the best in the Atrios. Songs like these:
Thank You for the name alphaphoenix. Yes she is very nice lady and definitely professional.    
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