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No haven't been too active that's for sure.  I have had these for a while but rarely use them, I use my IEMs much more often (just upgraded to Westone W4r's!)   Here are a couple of pics:         Looking at the pictures it doesn't look like the paint is really any problem at all on the headband.  Not sure if you can tell that the ear pads are a little faded though...
Hi, I have a pair of headphones I would like to sell.  I am no expert and bought these used some time ago...don't even remember what I paid to be honest.   They are Sennheiser HD650s with a blue Cardas cable and cherry wooden cups from headphile.  The cable measures 7ft from the plug to where the cable splits for L and R. The cups are regular and don't have any grill or anything, just wooden cups.   I don't have the factory cable nor the factory cups anymore. The...
thanks! It's a start.
Somebody must have at least an educated guess! I would really appreciate it... Thanks.
Hello, I have been out of touch with headphones for a couple of years now, and was never really that "into" it to begin with. A coworker at the time was though, so I listened to many headphones that he purchased, and from time to time I would purchase a set from him if he was selling anyways. When I was ready to move on he would then sell them for me etc. So I have the following left, and I honestly don't know a fair used price to list them at. Sennheiser...
agnostic, nice pictures!!
maybe the dared mp5?
I've used the little dot II with the 580's, sounded good to my ears. I'm far from an expert . . . but I can tell you the amp is very much capable of driving the 580's. My 2 cents.
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