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Here you go UT!  I know you like the SinglePowers.  Two Ken-Rads VT-231 as power tubes.  Denon AH-D5000 (modded).   Cheers!        
Thanks for the pics and description.  For years I have wondered about changing the pads on my D5000.  I like the stock pads with the large ear opening and very comfortable.   Cheers!!!          
  Lol...You know if I would have GECs and you wanted to borrow them, they would be on their way to Oz right now.  But unfortunately, I never invested in the GECs.  They were steep priced from the beginning and I had so many power tubes so I passed.  As well as the 7236.  Never jumped on those either.
Beautiful UT! You really went to the dark side with the fragile C3G.  Awesome!!    Yes, the Bendix is a great power tube.  When they first caught my attention they were about $25-$40 each.  Have no idea what they go for now.   The TS 5998, were going at $25.00 each back in the day.  Now, they have blown up to mars.  lol....You know I invested in a few of those.    That's the thing about tube amps and selling them UT...The whole family has to go.....Not good in my...
  I have been using the LT1364 for 8+ years in one of my LDI+.  It has not damaged anything and sounds great paired with the 408A/6028 family of tubes.      Enjoy yourself with this amp.  Roll everything!!!  Butttt...rolling tubes and opamps at the same time has no constant, only two variables.  Stick with a set of tubes and roll opamps or stick with a set of opamps and roll tubes.  See what you like.  It takes time but well worth it.  Most expensive does not always mean...
Thanks!!!   Yes, through the years I considered selling it but always decided against it.   Awesome amp indeed!  
  Thanks UT!  Lol.....Too many amps....Been on here for 10 years....Have collected toooo much....I considered a few months ago to sell a bunch of gear, but I will take a big hit on losses with depreciation....So, I just move things around and enjoy.
If there is no static with the other opamps then the culprit is the 2107.  You have a lot of characters after 2107.....(APG4).  If all three have static then maybe the source is the problem.  But if two opamps have no static and one does, it's the opamp (2107).  The LDI+ is a hybrid (tube and solid state) and usually no external noise probs.
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