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Where you at UT?!?  I take a year off and you disappear!!    Glad to see this thread still going!!!   Couple members banned in a year, but still going strong!!
  Hey pervysage, As stated above, yes those are Hifiman connectors (SMC).  Cable rolling is awesome...lol...Different shapes, sizes and terminations...Using Grado stock SR225 cable with my Denons now. Cheers!
  Great choice!!!  Congratz! Oh Yeah!!!     
  Thanks myriad10k...  Yes, that's the WA2.  The HD580 scales up much better.  I have short cables for both and I use them straight out of the DX50 or X1 sometimes.  Connected to an amp, the HD580 goes up another level.  Everything is just fuller all around.  The HE-300 is a fun phone and the mids are really great (using velour pads), but I think the HD580s are on another level and have stood the test of time. Cheers!     You make cables?!?!?  No way!!!....Haha.. 
  Thanks UT!!!   :) It's an HD580...Using an HD650 stock cable....
Well, since UT is using a 6SN7 on the Aune and Shaff is parting ways with the DV2 and Renderman is joining the club, I made it an all 6SN7 day.  Give the adapters more rest...lol   Cheers!!!     A hidden gem I found in the rough........Hytron brown base CHY 6SN7...                   A little Ken-Rad love on the SLAM             And a little K-R on the DV...        
  Hey myriad10k, I own both (HD580 & HE-300).  Love 'em both but out of an iPod, the HE-300 with velour pads will suit you well.  Down the line, you get an amp, the HD580. Cheers!!!     Welcome to the club blanemurphy, The HD580, the headphone that keeps going and going and going......... Cheers!  
  Nice!!!  Like UT said, welcome to the Darkie Club Ren!!!       Great news UT!!!  Figured if the base was not an issue it would work.  Good choice on the blue and white adapter.  Look at that adapter love pic.....Good times indeed!!! 
  Awesome pic Renderman!!! I love the NU 6SN7GT.  Been rolling so many tubes, the 6SN7 has taken a back seat.  Gotta come back to them!      Welcome back UT!!! Thanks! Awesome pic! I take it you liked the 5998?      The DV2 is going away Shaff?     Giving the adapters a rest tonight and keeping with the 6SN7GT smoked glass ride. ...Dug up a U.S. Navy CKR 6SN7GT....Sounding delicious!!!! Cheers!!!   
A little GE 6BZ7/6BQ7A love:   Cheers!!!            
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