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 I only have the WA2.  I have not listened to the WA7P, WA-6 or WA6-SE. Sorry.  I do know that the WA2 spanks all my phones nicely.   LOL.  Nice cel.  It's worth the wait.    Hey Joe, How do the SennGrados sound from the 11.32? Just saw the tour thread.  Very nice!
 No experience with the pan am.  I do own a Woo Audio 2 (WA2)(maxxed) and also had it connected to the 11.32 for a while.  Sounds great!... I did not mention it since it was over your budget. Cheers! 
  Well, have not listened to the HE-560s (yet).  I have listened to the HE-500s with the 11.32 and I have connected various tube amps to the 11.32 the last couple years. With that budget and being able to drive various headphones beautifully, I would go with the Mapletree Ear+ HD. I have connected it to various A-GD gear including the 11.32 and it's a great match. Cheers!
 Don't know if I missed it, but what headphones will you be using?
  Hey Don, Could not do anything with extended listening between the two, due to working lots of hours.  Will definitely get something going after the weekend. The pads, oh boy.  The bowls are not good on the ears after an hour for me.  Spent some time with the g-cush and like 'em.  Quarter modded s-cush, HD414 and g-cush for now.  Might order a pair of flats.    
  Hey indrameyz, I purchased the HE-300 used from a head-fier and they came with velour and pleather pads.  Don't know if they are stock or not. Yes, punchy bass but not overpowering, mids are delicious and they have handled various genres quite nicely (metal, rock, hip-hop, house, trance, dub etc.).  Vocals are sweeeeet indeed! The DT880s are more refined overall with less bass and has the edge on the top end.  I'll take the mids of the HE-300...
Hey dub Beatz,   I have the HE-300 and love' em.  I have plugged them into various amps and they do not disappoint.  Was listening to them today from an iBasso P3 while rolling op-amps with an iPod touch (line-out).  Great sound.   Now, I'm a dac and source guy myself, so I would recommend at least an inexpensive one to get you going to bypass onboard sound.  But that's just me.   I would get the HE-300 from Amazon and maybe E07k ($89.00) or maybe the new E10k...
Hey John,   External drives are great indeed, especially with Windows.  I also have ubuntu on a couple of machines as well.  I have three dacs and four amps (three tube and one SS) connected to this listening station.  All music comes from a NAS connected to another computer.  All from a Sony Vaio playing Foobar, iTunes and uLilith.  All lossless.  No dropouts, no worries and all sounds great.   Cheers!     
 Lol....The HE-300s are the ones I have been listening to the last few hours... I have a couple of others that I have to share the love with:      The HE-300 has to be one of the most underrated phone around.  The Hifiman planars get all the love but these things rock.  Been listening to them for a few hours exclusively.  They do various genres deliciously.  I have the velour pads on which the sound is better than the pleather.  The pleather pads give a more congested and...
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