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 Did u re-format it to FAT32?  microSDHC cards go up to 32gb.  Anything higher would be MicroSDXC Per the Sandisk website: 
The Zip does not recognize the 64gb card:   This is the Zip with a 32GB card installed:             This is the Zip with a 64GB card installed.  Notice the top line:         If you re-format the 64gb (exFat) card to FAT32 I believe it will work.  Don't quote me on this, but I believe that is what I have read
  I will check now for ya.  I never tried to put a 64gb in my Zip, only Clip+ and Fuze V2. I use my 64gb cards with my DX50 so they are exFat.  I believe I have read, if you re-format to FAT32 they will work.  But I will let u know in a couple if exFat will work
  Hello Aristodrigo, a) Yes b) Yes.  I never use the database.  Just cut and paste folders onto the player and browse by folder.  I believe Sansas only go up to 32GB cards.  My 64gb cards were not 'seen' on my Clip+ or FuzeV2 (all RB'ed). Edit: Some 64GB cards work on some players that don't normally support it, if they are formatted to FAT32. Cheers!
Semi-necro bump!     Received the HE-300s a couple hours ago and have to say I am really diggin' the sound.  I know Hifiman's planars get all the love, but these phones deserve some. I have listened to the HE-500 (balanced and SE) and they rocked it good.  Love their sound and currently want to sell a few things to get 'em or go for the HE-4.   Once I conformed the headband to my head I was ready to roll with the 300s.  Tried both pads, pleather and velour.....velour...
  Hey WG, Have you tried the DX50 with the O2 or 11.32?
  Haha.  Good times TD! I was 10th row the following tour (Diver Down) right by Eddie.  Amazing show!  Saw them again for the 1984 tour.  I know you gotta be a guitar fan TD!!!  and I'm sure you have some nice muzic on your X3. My friends know I'm a big fan of  female fronted rock/metal bands and send me these: Amazing cover work here:  Who nails the solo better, Juliette or Emily?      A little DT and Malmsteen cover- Amazing 15 yr. old Tina S:       And I'm pretty sure...
Outstanding TD!!!!!!     'One break coming up':  
Cheers!!!  Bruce & Micro!!!!!!    Good times fo sure!!   Well, to continue the regularly scheduled programming, here's a pic of my..........:::   Oh shiiiiiit this is the X3 thread......Ooops.......     TD, how bout a pic of some Ultrasone and X3 love!!!!!!!
  Hey Micro, Did you mean flag?  (little red flag to the left that people press when they think things are improper in a post).  Your post was not improper at all and you were stating what you heard.
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