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Can yours be removed or is it "permanent"? I wasn't event offered the option for a deeper seating. I guess I'll be careful. It will take a lot to break that thing.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk
I don't think you can make it look low profile either way. I just tried it. If you try to wear it over the ear, it's just too cumbersome because now with the mold, the IE80's wires have to travel a longer distance. I'm not sure about extra attention since I only wear these in the clinic and at home. With a 2 year-old, I don't get to go sit in Starbucks and chill.This is the best thing I've done for my ears. I now believe any pair of IEMs can sound drastically better with...
I have owned the IE80s for over 4 years now. I started with one of the included medium black foam tips. Then I tried the Comply tips. The medium black foam tips sounded the best but never stayed all that well. The Complys sounded awful.   I am an ear, nose and throat physician, so 3 weeks ago I asked my audiologist if she can make some custom ear molds for my IE80. We contract these out for hearing aid patients through Westone. Here are some pictures 3 weeks later. I'm...
Guys, what settings do you use for Neutron player? I have tried it, and I cannot tell a difference between it and stock Note 3 Samsung music player with my IE80. The best thing for me Viper4 Audio mod. It's amazing compare to the stock music effect. 
Yes. DAC and Amp. The Note 3 allows you to out put at 192k using it's own stock player. Can't use 3rd party players like poweramp, neutron, etc.
        Thx for the fellow headfiers, I bought the slim line 3M dual lock. Clean portable gig with Soundmagic 100, LeckertonUHA-6S MKII, and Galaxy Note 3. 
That might be a plus given that the note tends to slip out of your pocket because it's so big.
I would go into a store and try it with your UM3X. Make sure you try it with both flight mode on and off. Some states that it reduces the hiss even more. I never appreciated any difference.
It's the best out of all the Android phones I have had including the ones with Wolfson DAC. It has the least amount of Android hiss. Also using the stock music player allows you to output to DAC via OTG at 192/24. 
You have a picture and/or link? 
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