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Anyone knows if there is a way to turn off charging for iDevice? I want to get an Ipod touch, but the battery for the M8 is already weak. It is forced to charge iDevice, every time it's plugged in. 5-6 h becomes 3-4 hours.
I agree with your point of view. The reason for M8 is to drive LCDXC to most of it's potential. P1 alone can drive it to good enough volume, but I don't think it's doing LCDXC justice. I don't like to sit at my desk, so this is probably the best option. 
Thanks. The hardest part with this hobby is trying to figure out cables and outputs. I have not heard anyone with the hifi-m8 lx with the P1. Theoretically it should be very clean signal right since it's a digital signal that bypasses P1's DAC?
​The FiiO L12S will feed from the P1 to say like the line in of Centrance M8 or Cypherlabs Thereom Duet?
No, distortion? Can you show me what kind of cable you are using? Thanks.
Guys, I'm thinking about getting the optical version of the Centrance M8 to power LCD XC from P1. It should work well right? I guess optical out is the only true lineout option we have.
I think it includes lifetime round trip cruise from your location to New Zealand
My gosh. I can't decide between the R and XIV. Such a leap of faith. Though it does seem from most reports that the XIV is going to have a thicker more "analog" sound which I love. I'm pairing it with Cowon P1 possible Plenue S in the future. What do you guys think? Listening to mostly jazz and pop. Anyone in the Bay Area with their UIEM version and can allow me to demo his/hers?
Anyone has suggestion for a planar headphone to pair with P1? I'm thinking Oppo PM1. I will use it mostly at home, so semiopen is fine, but it seems most of the semiopen planars are too hard to drive for the P1. I don't really want to spend over $1k for like the LCD-X.
Hi,   You still have the K10? I saw someone PM'ed you. Thanks.   Sean
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