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How does the M2 compare to the P1? I love my P1 to death.
Looks like they usually run 20% off during Black Friday. Need to start think of ways to explain to my wife again.
T,You have Zeus-R now. Are you planning on reviewing it? How do you compare it to ES60? I'm leaning towards the R as my next purchase.
​I'm probably getting the R too but have been intrigued by the ADEL. Too be honest I do not like companies claiming their headphone reduce hearing loss when there has not been a single proper study. I even researched the guy who developed ADEL technology. He published an abstract with Vanderbilt University. It had no patient data at all. When you read reviews from 64 ears users, there is going to be strong "investment bias." Not saying they don't sound good.
​The Cowon P1 has amazing synergy with the ES60. Let me know what you think of the M2 with your ES60. They should be an amazing pair.
I have it narrowed down to the Zeus, Adel A12, or K10. I don't feel any of them is going to be much better than my ES60, but I want something different. It's interesting how most headfiers are either speaker, headphone or IEM centric. I'm an IEMer mostly because i have young kids.
​Wish it's Thanksgiving. I would totally buy it, but I promised myself to hold my GAS until Black Friday. Good luck with the sale.
Agree still a very good deal. 
Agree with the P1 for sure. Probably the best mid to high fi range DAP as long as you don't need connectivity. I returned AK300 not because it's bad, but it's not close to the P1. Clean fast UI, great sound, also 5 sec startup time is awesome. I just want a volume rocker :) Come on Cowon.
Such a great deal. I wish 1964 didn't charge an arm and a leg to reshell. It's $350 + tax, and you can't reuse the custom art work. 
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