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Has anyone tried to changing the battery for the M8? Do you have to send it in or can you DIY? Mine is only getting 2 hours now. It sounds great, and I have no wish to change to anything else.
Hifiman CSR said the new V2 pads will be available to sell at one point. They have to make sure HeX and HeK v2 get them first. Maybe those of us who still have V1 better wait. Paying $300 for V2 upgrade may not be worth it. My feeling of V1 is like going to your favorite Chinese restaurant. You are going for great taste but wish there is just little better interior decoration and architectural refinement. HeX sounds so good but the build just lacks a little bid. I...
Anyone knows if there is quality loss when converting .dff or .dsf files to flac? I use EZ CD Audio Converter to convert files. I tried it on few DSDs I have, and converted to flac uncompressed. The final flacs are actually larger in size than the original DFF files. I personally can't tell the difference using Centrance Hifi M8 -> LCD-XC or Edition X.
Highly recommended the Tech 21 case. It has the largest headphone cutout. Also it looks gorgeous. The top and bottom are also tapered to feel better during phone calls.
Selling my Hifiman Edition X V1 in like-new condition. Purchased from authorized U.S. dealer in November 2016. I absolutely love the sound of these and will likely use the funds to upgrade to HE1000 or HeX V2.  Winner please cover shipping with insurance and signature confirmation through USPS Priority Mail and standard Paypal fees.  I may consider trading for Sennheiser HD800s or Hifiman HE1000.  Thank you.
I love my v20. I wonder if you can tell a difference between AK and the v20 if you line out to a desktop quality amp. I feel that the amp section in either player can do HD800 justice, so you may not be able to hear any difference because the HD800 is not driven to its potential.
Larger pads and metal yolk. I think the driver is the same. I love hex's sound. I just want larger pads. Maybe I'll wait until the v2 pads are available, but that's a big maybe.
You guys think V2 upgrade is worth it for $300? I miss the free upgrade and $300 is the best they can offer. I may also sell V1 to get HeK used from a friend at a great price too.
Haha. Sorry about that. Iematch works well to take away all hissing from ES60 without changing SQ. I'm not sure why Ifi made the plug so big.
Anyone using IEMatch with their V20 and has a case with large enough headphone cutout to accommodate the IEMatch?
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