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Thanks Sasha. Times are just bad for me now.
Withdrawn. Too personal to ramble here
s a rule of thumb, any high impedance cans will work superbly with MB-E+. Low impedance & higly sensitive IEMs will not fare too well
Alexander_T purchased a LOD from me. He's prompt with payment and utterly patient despite it took me a long time to send the LOD over to Greece. Highly recommended.
Mike purchased a LOD from me. He's a pleasure to deal with. Recommended!!!
Zai bought a LOD from me. He was prompt with payment and utterly patient. I'd love to deal with him again ASAP.
A fine Head-Fier for sure. Thanks for purchasing a LOD from me. I do hope it will give you hours of Audio Bliss PS: I'd recommend darkmatter for any transaction any given day
Bigguy is a customer who know what he wants. And I must thank him for the patience he afforded to me when the first I sent LOD is faulty. Cheers buddy!
Hi, this is one of two units of my personal boxed iMod/Modded iPod LOD. It is made of 2X WIMA MKP 4.7uF and bypassed by two premium Mundorf M-Cap Silver/Oil 0.022uF. Reference grade SPC wires were used to connect the caps to the female jacks. Those jacks are from Japan. Housed in a 3.3"(L) X 2"(W) X 1.2"(H) ABS box. EDIT: Only the boxed unit is on sale for now. To use this unit you must already have a Mini-Mini IC and a standard iPod LOD. If you require them with...
Still Looking for one...
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