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Killed it by connecting it to a 9 volt battery without a current limiting resistor. ;)
The lead on the flat side (of the LED) connects to ground. Probe it, got voltage across the leads chances are it's backward.
Yes you can check the current draw by measuring amps across the switch terminals.   And yes again.....Measure the DC offset between the right or left output and ground. (both tests are performed without the headphones plugged in and no music playing)   Also check that the op-amp is not getting hot when the amp is playing music.   http://tangentsoft.net/audio/trouble.html
Try some actual troubleshooting instead of guessing.   . What's the idle current draw? What's the reading when measuring voltage between the op-amp's pin 4 and ground? What's the reading when measuring voltage between the op-amp's pin 8 and ground? What's the reading when measuring between pin 4 and pin 8? What's the power supply voltage? What's the DC offset of the left channel? What's the DC offset of the right channel?   IIRC tangent has a troubleshooting...
Do they have the MCM 21-4590 boards at Farnell?   http://www.newark.com/mcm/21-4590/small-pc-prototype-board-number/dp/38C9100
There you go!
Anybody have the link for that CMoy amp that was built PTP style on buss bars and cast into a cube?
Acrylic starts to melt at around 230° (give or take depending on the trade name). Good luck with that.
Moving the ground from the computer thru the skinny interface cable is the primary advantage an external PSU offers. (especially given the rated noise performance of the local regulators on the waveIO) I would rather not have the line filters but if you keep the umbilical short the simple PSU in the first post is adequate.   I would suggest asking the vendor what transformer to use with a product from their catalog. :)
 No, in hardware mode pin 22 is different.And that difference affects the frequency response.Pin 22, internal power reset pin on the wm8740 and is normally left floatingPin 22, internal over sampling rate control on the WM8741. There are 3 configuration options.0- (low rate) for 32-44.1/48kH sample ratesZ- (medium rate) for 88.2-96kH sample rates.1- (high rate) for 176.4-192kH sample rates.0 is grounded, Z is floating, 1 is tied to VDD.Let's say the sample rate of your...
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