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Won't make a difference.   Does your build have bass boost? If not you need to install jumpers across the Sbbr and Sbbl pads or it's not going to make any sound.
Yes. First as a discreet buffer solution for the SOHA amplifier then as a stand alone "buffer", then as a stand alone "buffer" with volume control and finally as a headphone amplifier (with voltage gain).It's not bad for such a simple circuit and it's rather easy to change the gain if needed.
It may be better that you take a look at the published information. Especially if you're considering changing the gain.
What are the color codes or number codes on the R3 and R4 resistors?
Have you read the tutorial that goes with the schematic?    
Yeah, the taper on step bits doesn't mean much on thin stuff and they suck for thick stuff. Works better then a hole saw though.   IIRC I also ordered a standard screw type arbor from McMaster for those McMaster wheels. Will look around later and see if I can find it... The quick change deal is nice on those Dremel arbors but my last McMaster wheel has done a bunch of amp builds and is still going strong.
BTW, these wheels from McMaster kick the crap out of the "reinforced" Dremel branded cutting wheels.
I've scanned PCBs to make mounting hole templates a few times. More times then not I will just use the pcb and a square and a scribe (a small sharpie is usually not much help) .  
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