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If you're going in that direction why not just add a load switch? Usually only 1 IC and a couple of small caps gets you more protection features then a RC circuit, albeit with a higher cost.
It's not uncommon for people to ignore the spec. I have a USB hard drive enclosure that has a bunch of big caps, no inrush limiting and it causes all of the other USB peripherals to freak out every time I plug it in.
You may want to check the spec for capacitance between Vbus and GND.  
I'm still trying to find the strange part.   Plug the power supply into the amp before plugging it into the wall. And. If it meets local safety standards or not is the only concern with a sealed AC to AC adapter (transformer) that is housed in an insulated enclosure not having a safety ground. Even if it had one the safety ground would not connect to the amplifier so ...
You could always check the WM8804 and PCM5102A evaluation module schematics for hints.
Can't say I have ever had a problem but I can see how others might (the cable doesn't "lock into" the housing the same way it does on the HD580s, HD600s or HD650s). Dunno if another picture will help or not....   This may be another option to explore--------->   The thread title sez it's an HD-650 cable.
Yep, seems like a very poor way to add an EQ.
The link works if you copy and paste it.
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