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You could always check the WM8804 and PCM5102A evaluation module schematics for hints.
Can't say I have ever had a problem but I can see how others might (the cable doesn't "lock into" the housing the same way it does on the HD580s, HD600s or HD650s). Dunno if another picture will help or not....   This may be another option to explore--------->   The thread title sez it's an HD-650 cable.
Yep, seems like a very poor way to add an EQ.
The link works if you copy and paste it.
Yeah, if you were to power the IC directly from a +5 volt supply but that is not how I suggested using it.
 Extend the pad on the PCB out past the edge of the IC and it can be soldered with an iron.PITA to remove with an iron though.  ;)
Replace the TLEs with this---->   You would no longer need an isolated boost converter but the thermal pad needs to be soldered to the PCB.
How much current is your circuit putting into the batteries? Should be somewhere around 16mA.... (disconnect the positive lead from the first battery, set the meter to read amps, connect the meter between the first battery and the charge circuit, power up the circuit, what's the meter read?)
Double check that you do not have the signal and ground inputs mis-wired.
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