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I think a laser engraver may be a better way to tackle that. Google spit out a few interesting hits when I searched for south Florida laser engraving.
You would prolly have better luck at a trophy shop.   Could go the DIY case badge route with it. (print the image on photo paper, cut out, cover with epoxy, finish edges, stick on with double sided tape)
 No.Is a panel mount jack going to fit in there?For example Mouser # 490-SJ5-43502PM
 Absolutely. But in a twisted sense. I don't care if somebody said some boutique parts are not going to help performance.... I'm doing it anyways.
Has anybody noticed the new boards from AMB Labs?  Cool stuff. :)   
So umm, something along the lines of the Butte?   Boards can be found on eBay...   Enclosures as well.
Pop it apart and re-solder the leads on the headphone jack.  
Fix the grounding. Detailed troubleshooting without a schematic and photos is nearly impossible and typically = a headache for the readers.
Charge pump?   Example:
Here is one way to do it.  
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