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How much current is your circuit putting into the batteries? Should be somewhere around 16mA.... (disconnect the positive lead from the first battery, set the meter to read amps, connect the meter between the first battery and the charge circuit, power up the circuit, what's the meter read?)
Double check that you do not have the signal and ground inputs mis-wired.
Google spit out lots of links for DIY active noise cancellation.   Here's one of them-------->
You can usually pull crushed dust caps back out with tape but sometimes a vacuum cleaner is required.
~~The PN4392s are no longer available at Mouser or Digi-key but a couple of DIY sites offer them.
 Chip Quik.   Or if you can stand to watch the videos from that EEVblog guy....
When I first got a Panavise I thought it was handy but now it's just another one of those things that gets in the way.
Well..... did you know Old McDonald is a really bad speller? The word is decelerate. "Decelerate, d, e, c, e, l, e, r ,a, t, e, e, i, e, i, o." Bzzzt.
With that much power a boost converter would allow your +5 volt "limitation" to work with a lot of different amps....   Here's a thread to give you some ideas:
You could just drop the optical module in the mail and I will fix it.... (kinda sounds like the ¢75 regulator is kaput)
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