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I'm not much of a fasionista. My camera is neither light, nor large. It is a Leica M240. My flash (as my old one broke) is a Nikon SB28, which is rickety, but also not large. I fall into the category of "none of the above".
From what I understand, streaking _began_ at headphone festivals. Before all the race queens showed up, there needed to be a 'who's more manly' contest. Today it's just gigantic lenses and flashes; conversely, it is the tiniest mirrorless camera you can lug and the largest portable audio rig. And in the middle of all of that, Mr. Miyanagi slipped like a buttered pig through the race queens handing out flyers and straight at the Mixwave table. It was epic.
It's a shame the camera missed the naked guy that ran through, tipped over the Mixwave stall, and was dragged out by two obviously hired toughs. But wow, so busy.
This just in: wait for a year after purchase to make this mod.[edit] this was meant as a joke in reference to warranty expiration. It doesn't look funny.
There're not enough pants in the world for Dave.
Yeah... not really. If this looks like an AK240, an AK240 looks like the original iPod.
Into the laundry go my drawers.
I specifically said 'a balanced Mojo' rather than 'Mojo' but I should have said 'balanced modded Mojo'. Here is an article I've written on the subject: Balanced Chord Mojo (Mojo-Kai) measurements
 I will. I have to finish the entire suite first, make sure all volumes are as close to matched as I can, run iPhone 4S 'loud listening' volume tests, compile, export, and then share. We are days away. Suffice it to say that the single ended output is very good. Loaded, the balanced struggles, just as the DP-X1 does. It is better than the AK380 balanced output but a balanced Mojo is FAR better.I will get to that later. In terms of reference, my opinions are next to...
BTW, I have one now in office and am taking RMAA tests of it. It appears to fall in line with DP-X1 and AK380 in that it supplies ample current to most earphones but loses a bit of voltage in treble, but probably not audibly.
New Posts  All Forums: