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Advent!    Day 1: Slave 1 (I'm a day behind because my wife and baby fell ill)   Some more about it with close-ups at ohm: STAR WARS Advent Day 1: Slave 1
Just ordered one of these for the team. Um, can I be part of the team?
I sold my iPad Air 2, so I can't say. From the iPhone 6, it is brilliant and performs the same as the iPhone 7. As long as the iPad Air 2 has a decent USB system, it should be good. I've noted problems through USB adapters on some machines. Mojo, for instance, measures FAR better through an iPhone 6 than through my iMac 2012. Are these differences audible? I can't say, but I would guess no.
Every iPhone using the dongle I have tested returns the same results or results skewed so little as to be considered ADC errors.
My review unit will be going back in a few days, but I'm very glad to have had the chance to check it out. I've not released measurements of it, but here are my subjective thoughts: Review: Linear Tube Audio microZOTL2,0 – Bass in the mine
Your nano 6 is just fine for the HEM series.
I've not tested maximum volume VS the 5 (or SE), but against the 6, the absolute maximum volume is exactly the same. Great adapter though.
Indeed, I've not heard the HEM8 and I've also not heard the HEM4.
  A picture to accompany my iPhone 7 RMAA measurements.
    Its output via the dongle is the same as the iPhone 6's from the dongle. I assume it's the same through every port with similar spec. I've RMAA'd it here: RMAA Apple iPhone 7.
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