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All of that must be prefaced by: if your source supplies ample current into the e-Q8's insanely low impedance requirements. If you don't have that: no bass, thin mids, and peaky treble. But when all is perfect, e-Q8 is among the best earphones I've heard, bar none. 
The headphones aren't immune to anything. But they present a much more even load across the entire frequency spectrum. Rather than dipping to 8Ω or less, or 100Ω or so, they stay relatively flat. That is a blessing, especially to poor amplification.  Proper current allows voltage to remain stable. The Astrapi doesn't provide enough current to low-Ω earphones precisely because of a number of factors, one for sure being: a higher than optimal output impedance. I'm guessing...
   I didn't realise you were using the ER4s. It may be a sweet spot for Astrapi. Anything below 32Ω, and perhaps up to 40Ω, proves to be problematic for Astrapi to properly supply with enough current. I've written about it here. 
What do you mean by bass 'slam'? The 240 and 380 both output completely level bass signals under most loads, no matter the volume or anything. 
Well, DX50 shows very little load effect when driving earphones. Astrapi shows load like mad. So: no way is it near DX50 levels. In loudness? Sure. But in noise and current drive, no. Great device, but could do with better performance.
Unfortunately, my Atrios bit it in 2009. They were heavily in use until 2009. The G10 is in my ears now and is quite a nice bass earphone with decent resolution into the midrange. For sure, people interested in sparkly, well-separated mids/highs will for trance and EDM will probably need to look elsewhere. But great comfort, great isolation, and very very good bass resolution. It seems also that the bass resonance against the shell has been much improved since ATRIO.
Despite a heavy attraction to 1970s BMWs, your model is the classiest that BMW has ever made. And no one else comes close to matching it.
I think you'll like it. It is a completely different continental. Completely stable, but with that wonderful thing called valves at the engine.
The only way would be if you could access the USB digital from the AK, but I don't think that's possible.
Not that double amping is necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on the signal feeding the amplifier input. If it's bad, it's bad: line out or otherwise. 
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