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And those articles have been de-bunked time and time again. They are rubbish. One even uses a ? mark in its title. Complete and utter rubbish. In comparison to a cutting-edge dedicated audiophile music-player, an iPhone 4S does what it does way smoother, and way more polished, despite using the latest FW. 
I've just updated an iPhone 4s to iOS 8, and it works flawlessly, and without hiccup, for music playback. The iPhone 4s was released in 2011. That is nearly four years ago. Typically, iOS firmware updates go well past two years, some way beyond that. iPod firmware is another story all together.  In other words, you are wrong.Edit: I forgot to add: "and it works flawlessly, and without hiccup, for music playback".
BTW, the new Q-Jays is really, really nice. Highs aren't quite as smooth in some transitional zones as the CK10, but it is... wait for it... probably as good for the trance fan that wants the out-of-head/no-chemical trance experience. 
Indeed, they sound great together. That said, there is no accounting for personal preference.
The Jr. has enough power, but it depends on your listening preferences. I'm enjoying A State of Trance, Alpha Dog, and AK Jr now at a volume level of 44/75.
The standard version of RMAA is freeware. And recording and playing back square waves, or sines, is free. But measuring correctly isn't something you learn in a weekend. 
Did that sort things for you?
Naturally.  But the talk was about performance at a specific measure. And 16-bit can't reveal any SNR or dynamic range beyond 96dB. 24-bit goes much higher than that, but at typical listening volumes, it essentially gives up no appreciable dynamic range VS 16-bit, nor does it give appreciably (or noticeably) SNR than 16-bit. If you want to appreciate 24-bit you have to be listening to music first recorded to deliver 24-bit spec (most isn't close), then you have to listen...
I've not tried the M for longer than five minutes. But it was a fun five. For me, the Jr's size really is a boon. And the more structured UI is nearly as much of a point for it.
New Posts  All Forums: