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If the new one fits better, great idea. For me the NS-U1 to be as painful as I've had in my ear. But the sound is truly phenomenal.
Lads and lasses, let's find companies that can make this a reality.
I have them in office (not yet returned). 
I agree. The only real benefit I've been able to measure is stereo separation, but at volumes at which I listen I hear no difference not supplied by what I assume is simple expectation.
Amazing how far Fujifilm went to copy the look of that camera in the X-T1. But yeah, great camera.
If you go for a film back you can find one in good working condition for around 1000$ (here in Japan), so it's not so much a dream as it is an investment project. 
That's about right. And a lot of balanced outputs are actually pretty poorly wired. But people still like them. Which is to say: like what you like, dislike what you don't. 
Yes. They sound great.
Then wait for Tyll's review.
I've found that in almost all cases the ortofon tips greatly help comfort, especially for people with sweaty ears, or who can't comfortably fit most silicon flanges. The foam tips that come with Andromeda are also very nice.
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