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I didn't say that a certain headphone sounded phenomenal with the stack. I said that the stack is phenomenal. I'm a traditionalist/conservative when it comes to sound. I won't tell you what you will hear. With the stack, I use everything from Noble K10C to DT880/600 and Myst's OrtoPhones. They all sound great _to me_ and measure really well. 
I also like the Olive/q Jays combination, though my sensitive ears can only take a few hours of olives before they start to burn from friction.
I've hardware tested the pair. Under stress of load, PURE II performs a bit better than an unmodified Mojo regarding stereo separation, and a few other benchmarks, but that assumes it is being fed a signal as good as Mojo can spit. PURE II is about as good a portable amp exists - this includes actual metric performance. Mojo beats it with regards to THD and IMD, but at typical listening volumes the two are on par.The problem is feeding the PURE II with a signal the equal...
Dayum! Still going!
I should have my opinion on the MusicBOOST up this week (or early next). I'm one of those in the half-good, half-bad camp. Overall, I dig the signature, which reminds me of the iPhone 4s. 
Just recorded the latest episode of OHM AIR with them on. Comfy till the end. That said, the used pair I bough smells a bit.
Oh, they're in. So light. 
My phones will arrive Sunday or Monday. Thumbs up!
Thank you. I joined camp Grado with the GR10 some years ago, having appreciated a pair of 325s earlier, but never having owned anything from New York. Then last year I purchased the PS1000 and loved them. (I purchase a generation behind to keep costs down.)  
I happen to think so. If what I wrote wasn't adequate, by all means, inform me.
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