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My impressions have come more slowly lately, I'm sorry. But thank you for sticking with ol' shiggy for so long. 
You were able to press it before? The ON/OFF button is the nightmarest of buttons for me.
I have the iPhone 6 but haven't had the chance to really test it out with my favourite earphones/headphones. I'll do that.
The 6th gen nano is a surprisingly good sounding device. That could be the reason. Or, you could just prefer it. SQ rarely equates to preferences across the board.
Is that the AK100 (second revision), or AK100 (second version, which just came out this year)? If the first, it is not able to drive the GR10 well enough to render low bass. I've not tested the new version, but I assume it is better.
I think you'll find that the Alien has NO trouble with low Ω earphones at all. 
You're too kind: a vinyl or CD will never, ever put gaps through its songs as does the Shozy. But the Shozy will show up the amp in any portable CD player on the market. I wish it weren't tit for tat, but it is.
The problem both earphones have (the e-Q8 more so) is that not only does it swing way down the impedance pole, it is so sensitive to hiss that most quiet sources hiss like snakes. It's about as bad as the Ultrasone IQ, meaning that your amp/source is going to bug you probably.   Regarding hiss: 1. latest gen iPod nano is very good 2. Calyx M very good 3. MZAK100 absolutely silent 4. AK240 reasonably good My favourite of the above is the iPod nano simply because it is...
14 hours on the MZAK100 is about right. It's not the lovely 20+ of the original AK100, but good enough. 
Yes, that was me. 
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