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That is bad news. It seems that build problems plague this series. I have the remote version. I didn't even know there was a wireless version. I'd so much rather that. 
I've got them in and they are great. In person they actually look more mature than the Astell version, a fact belied by the low-quality 3D render they used in lieu of photography. As mentioned, sound is a bit more in line with 'reference' values: a bit less bass presence and highs that run flat for longer at the extremes. The AKT8iE MKII is my favourite earphone, but this is fast supplanting it.
AK's balanced output (no matter the device) leaves a lot to be desired. Even simple RMAA measurements bear this out.
JR: darker, softer, richer, but not sweet, audible hiss. AK70: flatter, much less hiss, more apparent extension in highs. 
It doesn't get double the iPhone's volume. It does get more than 6dB more. The output voltage depends also on how the signal going from the DAC to the amp, and the gain in the amp, so a 2,2VRMS amp can actually be quieter than a 1VRMS amp, depending on the signal it is amplifying.
Those are pretty hiss-free players, but yes, this earphone eliminates much of the hiss audible through other earphones by dint of lower sensitivity. It is a great design, both for DAPs and for stage power packs.
I wish I had the ProPhile 8 to compare. I tried it with Dimitri Trush (Musica Acoustics). Great fit. I didn't have time for much else. 
Not that my impressions will make much a difference in this thread, but I've published the first part of my UERR review at Headfonia: Review: Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered – Default Capital
I'm pretty sure they design in Germany, make in Singapore. Whatever the case, they are fabulously made, have well-maintained images, a house sound, and brilliant performance.
This I agree with. However, it should be noted, that measurable differences point to protocols that aren't equal across all sources. Obviously, my iMac's USB is shyte. It is possible that its optical output, too, may introduce problems, though I've not tested that, nor is it likely that I will. Since I listen to an averaged volume from 78dB - 85dB, discussing drops from USB output SNR etc. to 105dB from 115dB is academic. There is no way in hell I'd hear the difference,...
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