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I'm amazed that finally this thread is picking up. Tento power?
Essentially: Mezzo adds functionality (as I said), while RWAK100 maintains the same functionality but eliminates the hurdles the AK100 faces that block it from attaining truly good SQ. Mezzo sacrifices nothing, adds more, but costs a lot more. 
But here's the short version: if you just care about performance of audio plus a few extras (balanced, stopped volume pot, software mode, etc.), Mezzo is it. If you like the AK100's functionality as is, but want better sound quality, RWAK100 is the way to go.    If you find AK100 to have too much noise from HPO, there's only one choice: Mezzo. I have a very hard time picking a winner as the two are mutually exclusive mods.
I have both and will be doing comparison soon. First, and finally, a full review of the Mezzo in the next few weeks at headfonia.
If you can't innovate by making a cohesive experience, make something outlandish. An outlandish appearance (not to mention a short shelf life) will always trump proper R&D for companies in for the short haul. What we need are companies looking way into the future, at their brands, at the lifestyle they foster, at which customer they want to cater to:   1. a customer that always will bey their brand because they offer a superior experience   or   2. a customer that...
The whisky wills it. The headphones are just the outcome. I love the new shop. I was there today and on opening day. Today was just a sunday afternoon, but it was packed. I picked up a pair of Koss Porta Pros and enjoyed a bunch of different earphones. My wife was running from one end to the other. 
I may or may not make it. Moving the bloody house. But I hope I can make it. Always fun.
Nothing really has changed. The same shuffle will still put better quality signal into the same loads versus modern players. If only it wasn't for that damnable hiss. And, if only if it had gapless... of course gapless necessitates a more complicated firmware. 
I've been assured that Shozy are getting to the bottom of things. We'll see. I really hope it will work out as a viable screenless player. 
I think we are broken into two camps: those that value sound quality only and will spare no body part in achieving the best even if it means tossing a device later and wasting money, and those that prefer balance. I fall into the latter camp. I know that a lot of us do not. The SQ of the Alien is very good. Honestly, though, other than hiss being much lower than an iPod shuffle 512 (from 2005), a player that remains one of the best performing portable players out there,...
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