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I'm hoping in the future to get the LCD-X and Chord Hugo.  Currently have the LCD-2.  I'm still wondering though, which is better for rock, LCD-3F or LCD-X?  I'm assuming LCD-X because of it's greater treble presence and (less than LCD-3 but nevertheless) harder hitting bass.
If you want to use bowls with Grado RS1, than MAD EAR was the best I've heard.  I've had Mad Ear, Woo Audio W6 and Little Dot +. But I prefer Flats with Grado's and Flats and Tube Amps don't really work.  But Flats with the Vali works best for me.  Flats with Hybrid Tube seems to work best. 
I would also like to get some impressions on how these RS1e drivers compare with Turbulent/Magnum X-Drivers
With the driver raised out of the cup, how does the TTVJ Flats fit (the RS1e) now? 
Grado Magum or Turbulent X Drivers with Falt Pads or Bowls with MAD EAR Tube Amp. 
I wonder how these are compared to the Turbulant drivers. Also drivers being closer to the ears, won't these sound more forward and yet less bright ( that is more warmer and thick)? Especially if you put flats on them. Which makes me wonder how one is supposed to flats on them when thr driver sticks out like that.
I'm waiting too. :)
Even with super sensitive IEM's it should not be.  Because what we're hearing is impedance mismatch. When I hook up an 51 impedance adaptor to the .47 out and JH13.  It sounds fine.  Meaning, it's not .47 but something way more.It's like the Meridian Explorer with their first version.  The impedance was too high for IEM's and sensitive headphones causing a loose and bloated bass with reduced treble.In the second version, Meridian decreased the impedance.  Having said that,...
Yes, the Geek Out after all night burn in really shines.  Clean window into the music.  The imaging and detail is really more like a mid size desktop dac.  Getting me interested in the Geek Pulse. 
Hi Larry.  I really want to ask, have there been some .47 and 47 ohms that were accidentally switched, mislabeled or reversed. Because I think another Geek owner also mentioned it also.  My IEM (JH13) out of the .47 acts like it would out of the 47 and vise versa. thanksdavid
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