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Just found a Harmon Kardon Cl headphone for $19 at a thrift store.  It sounds just like the b&w p5. 
I think everyone's who has heard or owned both RS1i and RS2e and have commented, has pointed out that the RS1i has more sound stage, air with more extended bass and treble.  Nevertheless, the RS2e has fuller and clearer mids with more detail. I personally would love the combination of both. I guess that's what the RS1e would have been if they didn't ruin it. 
With the 325e, I could listen to it without any mod...but with RS2e, I have to do the tape mod.I find the both the RS1i and RS2e too shouty without tape mod(leather in my case).  However, with tape mod, I find the RS2e more enjoyable than with 325e.
Like all "e" series, it is a slight departure from RS2i.  The RS2e has more bass, fuller mids and toned down treble. There is also more clarity in mids and more detail overall. 
Do some tape mod (or leather over the bowls) and it takes off the edge off when the treble gets a little hot. It does take away a little of the air but I find its' worth it.Enjoy! Definitely not a perfect or the most transparent headphone but it is to my ears the most musical and fun headphone. 
Great impressions. I didn't have the rs1i to directly compare with my rs2e but I concur with impressions. The mids are fuller on the Rs2e. Which is what I always wanted in the rs1i. I also think they are equally bright but I feel they have different upper mid and treble peak emphasis. I could be wrong because I no longer have a rs1i.
Are you talking about the buttons (like the old Grado RS1 with buttons) on the grill?  Is there a mod for this?  make your own? 
Unless you have a tube amp, I suggest 325e is the best and safe way to go. It's good right out of an iPhone. The RS2 is brighter and requires some tweaking like tube amps, tape mods and such. 
I"m good with the RS2e. Sounds interesting though.  Never thought of it. But I guess that would make the sound more closed in.  Like putting your hands close to the grill.
I think the SR60 has the least peak in the mids. But just lacks refinement compared to the RS versions. 
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