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The pouch in picture is leather. Goodcans is vinyl.
No apologizes needed.  We're all trying make impressions and make sense out of what we hear and what we like and don't like. 
If you're just using for LCD-2 and don't have sensitive low impedance headphones, not sure if it's worth getting the Lyr 2 over Lyr, the quality of the tubes are going to be a bigger factor. 
Well I went and done it. I purchased the RS1e (brown headband).  I know most of you discouraged it and said it sounds like a speaker with blown tweeter. But I just had to hear it for myself.  Who knows I may love it. Even if it sounds like an open version of the b&w p5, (which has really has rolled off treble) I'll be fine.  I'm just looking for mid bass hump and mid forward headphone. So I'm going to expect the worst "treble" and lower my expectations and hope I love...
Look for Grado RS1e.  Must be brown headband.
Where do you get Grado pouch?  This is from Grado Facebook.  
Amperex Orange Globe will work great with Lyr  and ps500e.
Litte Dot I+, Lyr 2, MAD EAR HD, Woo Audio 6A...
It's what I'm hoping.  Now only If I can demo a pair soon. 
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