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Yup...that's goes to the Ypsilon.and Just in case anyone asks which is most comfortable, ha, ha... the Nhoords are more comfortable on the ears than the metal Ypsilon. 
It's different and rather than more and about preference too.Like I said, the Ypsilon is like HD800 in a good way. It's airy, open and detailed. I think of  "cool breeze".The Nhoord is like the LCD-2 (fazor). It's slightly warmer and rich like a "warm sunny day". I like both for different music and songs but if I had to choose, I still go with the Nhoord because the lower mids emphasis goes better or balances out the bright upper mids and lower treble spike of grado like...
We do all hear differently :)  I do respect what you are saying.   To my ears, I do hear a mid bass emphasis in the Nhoords that do make the lower mids fuller but not to warrant V or U shape (again to my ears).  I also hear a slight more lower treble than the Ypsilon but I thought the Ypsilon had a more mid to upper treble emphasis. I thought the Magnum V6 had the most U or V shape of the bunch because of the recessed mids.   Again, I don't disagree with what you...
The Nhoords are smoother, warmer and have a fuller mids than the Ypsilon and Magnums 6.The Ypsilon might be a little more neutral and detailed but the Nhoords image better.
Thank "UntilThen" (no pun intended).
Just placed order for Elise. I guess it will probably be around Christmas when it arrives.  Have my Cavalli and microZOTL2-s to keep me until than. 
Thanks. :) 
There's a subtle hints of it (slight forward lower mids) but it still lacks that lushness and open 3D holographic nature of tubes (at least to my ears).I wanted a Solid State that sounded like tubes with the convenience of Solid State so I got the Cavalli Carbon, but now the Zotl2-S fits that bill.It's a tube amp for sure, but it has the convenience of Solid State in that I don't have to worry about leaving it on for longer periods.I figured I try the Elise and get the...
Selling my Cavalli Carbon and placed an order for the Elise Feliks. I wanted a full, lush and euphonic (yes harmonically distorted) sounding tube amp to complement my more ultra clear and clean (harmonically undistorted) microZOTL2-S.  
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