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Norne Audio Skoll V2 HD800 XLR 4 Pin Balanced Silver-Plated Copper Cable   @ approximately 5ft length
FS: PlusSound JHAudio/2pin CIEM Copper Cable In Great Condition.  48"    Please add shipping.
Please PM.
The Bimby sounds warmer like a camera that is out of focus and the pictures is blurred in a pleasant smooth way. The Mojo on the other hand is clean, clear, and focused. But not in a bright unpleasant way. There is a degree of both musical layering and liveliness that engages your ear. Not to say the Bimby is not lively, that is what Schiit gear is known for, but it's blurry and out of focus lively if you know what i mean. As for the Dac 19, it has the same amount of focus...
Has anyone compared the Solv X vs Silver Dragon (moon audio) for their IEM?  I'm assuming the Therium is better than both. 
Hi Trevor,Does the "Headthrone Adaptor" convert HD800 Draug 2 or Skoll 2 cable (have both) to JH13pro (for home use mainly)?Just want to make sure. And which wire would you recommend? Skoll, Zoetic or Vanquish?thanks
Are the Draug 2 already burned in or do they require burn in or do they improve with burn in? Honestly they sound great right when I plugged them in unlike the PlusSound cables which required a lot of burn in.
Thank you Trevor. My Draug 2 are awesome. PM sent about another question and request. 
For Sale in great condition. Norne Audio Skoll V2 HD800 XLR 4 Pin Balanced Cable, Silver-plated copper @ approximately 5ft length   $99.   Free shipping Conus. 
Very simple soldering to two terminals per driver.If you read the Grado Magnum (6V) thread or Ypsilon thread, those that have the SennGrado find the Magnum 6V or Ypsilon superior. Personally I never tried the SennGrado.See if you can purchase an already made Magnum 6V or Ypsilon. I had the GH-1 (RS2e, RS1e, 325e) but sold it and purchased an already made Magnum 6V custom for $300 and than switch out the Magnum V6 driver for Ypsilon driver. 
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