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When I first got the RS2e before much burn in...the Flats worked well...but after longer burn in, the RS2e upper mids became more emphasized and hence the Flats just became more shouty. But that is to my ears. Don't let that stop you from getting the Flats but just to give you some reference.  I've heard the GH1 might work better (than RS2e) with Flats. But I'll find out soon. 
I've always wanted a headphone that combined the strength of Grado RS1 and strength of LCD-2. Hoping the Grado GH1 will do the trick or at least come closest. Should have the GH1 tomorrow from TTVJ. Will compare them with my RS2e. Most likely sell the RS2e. Who knows, maybe even the LCD-2F.    Always had to have a warm/dark and lively/bright headphone to complement each other. May not need to with the GH1. 
Does the RS2e still have a larger soundstage and more detail or has the GH1 surpassed or equalled with burn in?
Can't believe I placed an order for the GH1. I guess I will be selling the RS2e if the GH1 is what everyone says it is. 
Is the plastic gimbal like the RS2e or RS1e?  Looks like the RS2e gimbal. Too bad. RS1 has better gimbals.
By the way, how do the GH1 look. On picture, it looks dull compared to the RS series (stain and finish). Do they also come with brown leather headband?
How do they look compared to the RS series. The stain finish on them look rather dull. 
These GH1 have peaked my interest. After the RS1e fail, these sound like a great alternative. 
I found the flat pads made the RS2e even more shouty. Reduced the upper treble but really emphasized the upper midrange and lower treble.  Too much of a good thing.    Getting interested in the GH1 but still worried it has too much bass. It sounds like it has less than the 500e, but I find the bass perfect on the RS2e (with tape mod). Don't know if I want any more.    Honestly, with tape mod, the RS2e is in a great headphone. Without the tape mod, I find it too bright.
New Posts  All Forums: