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Interesting. I thought the LCD-3 had a better midrange (which I have not heard personally but according to many) but I guess that goes to the LCD-2 according to Mike. 
It's all about tubes. For vocals some people like Amperex orange globes.  Great midrange. 
Some subtle, some obvious.  Think headphones.  Some differences are subtle, some are huge.  Different tube makers (or brands) have different sound signatures and within the brands varying differences. 
Good ones are all (NOS) vintage. I should say though, some seem to think the Genalex Gold Lions are pretty decent for current production tubes.  Not great but good. Telefunken also makes current tubes but they are rebranded tubes made by JJ tubes. Not sure if they're worth it.  But you have to decide on the sound signature you like or want.  That will determine the tubes. Cheers. 
Lyr 2 is a good all around solution because OTL's are more ideal for high impedance headphones and really can't drive low impedance and especially orthodynamic headphones.The Lyr 2 pretty much can handle high and low impedance and hard to drive orthodynamic headphones.  Tube rolling helps to match your headphones also. 
Even the Tesla ECC88 gold pins that I have makes the Lyr 2 sound much better than with stock tubes.  Those I purchased $35 with shipping.I don't use them because I prefer the Telefunkens and Siemens.  If you ever get the Lyr 2 let me know.  You can have them for $25 plus shipping. I also have some Voskhod Rocket 6N23P on the way but I believe there's someone else on this thread who is wanting to sell them for $40 with shipping.All good options on the cheap. 
With stock tubes on Lyr, I actually prefer the Vali.  The Vali is  much more lively and engaging.But with better NOS tubes, the Lyr 2 than excels over Vali.
So thats the TK E88CC Telefunken compared to stock tubes? How are the TK E88CC Telefunken compared to NOS Telefunken?  
interesting. thanks
I didn't know 7dj8 worked on Lyr?   I thought only these worked: 6BZ7/6DJ8/6922/ECC88/E88CC/6N23
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