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I wonder if Tidal will ever have Radiohead and Pink Floyd Masters. 
Amarra 4?
You can look at my profile.I would say this is good as, ATH-AD2000, LCD-2 (classic and fazor), Grado RS1 (Super Vintage) Fostex T50RP (modded) but more balanced to my tastes and better than all the Grado "i" and "e" and GH1 models (pretty much had all accept for SR125i/e, PS1000e and GS1000e) and finally better HD800 (with varying mods).  And yes, better than previous Ypsilon and Nhoord and Magnum V4,5 and 6.  I really like the balance (bass, mids and treble) of the Epsilon. 
The Nhoords are less "harsh" than the older Ypsilon. They are warmer. But the mids are slightly recessed and there is also less air. The Ypsilon S2 are less harsh in the treble presentation over all. The bass impact and extension is slightly increased and highs are also more extended but it's less harsh, edgy or sibilant. I really recommend the Epsilon R1, it's definitely less forward. It's the most neutral "grado" driver. The mids in my opinion are the best I've heard.  
Agree! Epsilon is just more natural, smooth and effortless. Better balance and imaging. Does vocals really well.The only place where the Ypsilon S2 has an edge is in the fun factor when you want to rock. It is a little more aggressive, forward and edgy. Slightly more attack.
I would say the TTVJ Deluxe Flats (not original Flats) work on Epsilon R1 but not Ypsilon because the Epsilon is more neutral (less forward than the Ypsilon). But the L-Cush works best. 
Yes, I'm glad they improved it without changing it. I think the Yspilson was slightly shouty and grainy but with the S2 it got fixed.I feel the Epsilon R1 somehow captured the "grado like" forward mids (that we all love) without all the shoutiness (that we all dislike). I have never heard the Jospeh Grado models but I imagine the Epsilon R1 to be the Joseph Grado sound signature. It's beautifully forward but neutral.  It's not warm but it's not cold, flat and sterile...
Yes, the Ypsilon S2 has slightly more bass but it's tight and not boomy and the treble slightly more extended but the best of all is that the mids are less shouty (less upper mids and lower treble). The Epsilon are very neutral. While the mids are still forward, it has no grado like shoutiness at all. To my ears, the mids on the Epsilon R1 are very, very good. They are not thin or recessed but have that wonderful forward, open and clean sound. That's all I'm saying.
That pretty sums up what Chris was saying about his drivers. Where are you located. I purchased them on the 1st and still have not received them and I'm in Southern California.
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