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Thanks Feasbabay. I don't know if I want more forward mids than Ypsilon. That would make it more "shouty" like Grados. 
I know the impressions are coming but how do the mids and treble (low, mid and upper treble) compare to the Ypsilon?  Is it also more detailed than the Ypsilon?
Ohhh. Got my attention. 
Missed that. That's what I was assuming. I'm sure it's talked about in the thread. Is the upgraded power supply worth the extra price?
Just wondering if there are two versions of MicroZotl 2.0 (like a premium version). I see some selling for 1,100 (urban hifi) and most others for 1,695 (audio vision).
TTVJ Grado Flat Pads. Used only couple times. In new like condition. Free shipping in Conus. Please PM.
If anyone is interested in new TTVJ Deluxe Flat Pads Initial Impressions on custom walnut cup with Ypsilon Driver with Mojo and Cavalli Carbon.   I purchased a pair (of deluxe Flat Pad) and comparing it to the original version. Physically on inspection, it looks the same. But the foam is definitely denser.  What I'm hearing is, most likely because of the denser foam, you get more treble and slightly more bass too. Why, I suspect because you lose less or you retain more...
Decided to remove my impressions since I was not one of the signed up reviewers. I did write my impressions on the Grado Fan thread.   I do have a question. Are you also considering making a Deluxe version of the L-Cush/Bowl Pads. I feel making it more dense like the Deluxe Flat Pads may also improve the sound. Just wondering.    thanks Todd :) 
Norne Audio Skoll V2 HD800 XLR 4 Pin Balanced Silver-Plated Copper Cable   @ approximately 5ft length
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