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I would love to purchase the Hugo 2 but it is way beyond my budget. So I will have to patiently wait and trust that what they did with the Hugo with Hugo 2, they will do with the Mojo with Mojo 2.
How does it sound compared to Riva S?  I wish there was an option to get one without the headphone amp for less price. Especially if it's better sounding than Riva S.
I'm hoping in 2018, Chord will release a Mojo 2 (like Hugo 2). Wouldn't that be nice! 
2X. Better in every way to my ears!
Compared to Amarra 3, I do find Amarra 4 slightly more cleaner and detailed....and dare to say the soundstage wider. But this maybe all just placebo affect.  I do like that I can just use Amarra independent of iTunes. 
Really nice! Did you try the L-Cush before you tried the G-Cush? Because the G-Cush/pads will make things sound thin and bright. I really don't think these drivers were designed for G-Cush.
Here's the picture and I forgot to mention few details that due influence the sound.First, I always use tape mod (actually it's leather strip around the bowls). So that slightly increases the mid bass, makes the mids fuller).Second, I bought the mahogany cups from Etzy. But while they worked for the older Ypsilon and Nohoord drivers, the Epsilon R1 (and also the Ypsilon S2) are about millimeter (taller) more in height. So they protrude about a millimeter. So I imagine that...
It's been a while since I had the Epsilon 1R. My first impressions while to some extent true tend to be colored too much by "it being new and the whole infatuation period of this is the greatest". So now I can fairly say that this is not the case. To my ears, this is really my favorite headphones/driver. You can look at my profile or past and current but, I really love everything about it. Just the perfect bass, mids and highs for my taste, likes and...
post deleted.
I wonder if Tidal will ever have Radiohead and Pink Floyd Masters. 
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