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I'm enjoying the LCD-2F on the Geek 450.  The Geek couldn't drive the LCD-2C (classic) but does a decent job with the LCD-2F (fazor).  I have the Lyr 2 but when I just want low to medium listening, and don't want the tube sound but a clean solid state sound, it's pretty adequate.  I think the Fazor on the new LCD-2 really makes it easier to drive.  
Having the Lyr 2 for the LCD-2F, I sold the Vali because it just didn't have enough power for the LCD-2F and I only used it for the JH13pro (with impedance adaptor) but I kind of miss the Vali even with the Geek Out which I got for the JH13pro.  There is a liveliness, musicality and tone/timbre that is special with certain headphones.  Maybe I'll wait for the Vali 2. 
Since the firmware upgrade, my Geek 450 feels less hot. 
I'll be waiting to see how the Rag/Ygg compare to Chord Hugo. Uber desktop to uber portable but still curious.
thanks. It worked. Now for listening
Downloading the firmware and I get a Adobe file.  Using winzip to extract it and it's Adobe file that does not open.  Am I doing something wrong?
 $260 Ouch is right!  I'll have to save up for that. 
Are the Telefunken E88CC better than the often recommended Amperex ECC88 Orange Globes for upper midrange lifting?
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