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Yours at cost postage. PM me if interested. More photos at request, questions welcome.
He'll be back. He always comes back. He said he'd be back and I trust him. In the mean time here's a song:
Agreed. I would hope that it goes without saying, but I'm grateful to everyone who has helped cultivate an enjoyable outlet for me and others to spend our time, explore our interests and apply our own methods for discovery.
How much is that worth? And why?
How much is that gonna cost? *Puts pinky finger to corner of mouth*
Hrm. I suppose I could get into that kind of mood. Sometimes I can get into the mood for headphones I normally despise the sound of, even. Maybe we need a headphone that sound like whiskey-by-the-fireplace one night and sex-on-the-beach another? Tune-able headphones? Oh God. Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.
Dang. I really thought a lot of the U70/ZX701IP before gifting them away. Again, I'll reiterate the same exact headphone with aniso HP-1's sounded lifeless in comparison to U70's. I feel like something went dreadfully wrong here. Will perhaps look into that in the future. Can explain in further detail, but the intricacies of what I feel took place are unimportant right now, imo. Noooooo. Not the "boring" "bear trap." Please. I'll take anything that sounds engaging over...
I wish I heard the newer stuff, but I just haven't seen anything within the price range needed to make me spulrge, as sad as that might sound. Still having too much fun modifying the old stuff for waaaaay cheaper. I can buy three sets of drivers for less than one of the new guys (even used), spend "the rest" on enclosures, and then throw years at experimentation trying to get everything sounding just right to my ears. It's honestly not worth it to me to spend money on...
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