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 No , LG is a tube hybrid. OTC/OTL etc is reserved for "pure tube" amp , not that most of them today don't have any solid state active devices in them. The tube in the LG offers the voltage ( signal ) amplification, the buffer is completely neutral and offers current amplification ( ability to drive practically any headphone ) . The unique attributes of the LG is that the design allows you to experience the subtle ( and sometimes not so subtle ) differences with...
 Yes , it is possible and indeed probable :) . LG makes for a great preamp when not driving headphones. It has been too long since I heard the AKG K812 with the LG but I still regularly pick up my K501s with mine and they sound fantastic. ..dB
I have a spare assembly - send me your address and I will send them off to you. The cups have holes drilled in them but hopefully you can salvage the strut. The holey cups actually worked well and sounded great , you might want to play with them too..dB
I have been away for too long - that is an amazing looking case !! Great work on the website too ..dB
Maybe I need to buy those YH100 back :) ..dB
You get to be the first to own a very cool piece of gear ..dB
Transformer can be wired either way , so it can e made to handle 240V ..dB
iQEM your memory serves you well. There were 2 BMF's in this thread - BlueMonkeyFlyer who is our ever vigilant modifier and measurement guru and Boilermaker Fan, who now spends more time on the farm. It can all merge a little after a while.    Looking forward to seeing some measurements on the 3 modded fostexen, have you already measured them in stock form BMF?   ..dB   Edit -- getting old
aaah no   I forgot to get back to you with a real answer - this is the silliest headphone   There are 2 screws on the outer baffle that hold the driver assembly like a pivot. Loosen these and the drivers will fall out as in the picture , I will see if I have any pictures saved for you .     Edit - found and sent, now lets see you work your magic
remove the screws
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