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The simplest way to deal with the cable is to reterminate it - I really detest the 2x 3-pin idea and removed them almost immediately.    I am perhaps not the most unbiased person when it comes to Cavalli amps but I have yet to hear an amp that performs as well as the LAu with the Abyss, and I have heard a fair number of them. It just gets out of the way but at the same time is authorative and delivers very clean power. It resolves detail without adding any additional...
Great set of measurements, it reminds me why the HD600 retains such a following..dB
Funny you should ask , the Dr has been hibernating in  freezing Texas and all sorts of magic is said to be unraveling..dB
I know a few people are waiting to hear more opinions about this amp and when Alex asked me if I would be interested in hearing the pre-production version of the Liquid Crimson, I naturally jumped at the opportunity. I know this is a usual comment, but this amp is really something cool to hold in your hands. It is relatively small for a Cavalli desktop amp but it is built like a tank and the weight in your hands testifies to your inner sense that this is no slouch....
It is a form of bass lens ..dB
F2D !! welcome back ..dB
 aaah you finally got your hands on one - congrats and excellent!! ..dB
I just got the other pre-production unit in , it is a seriously sexy little amp ( weighs more than it ought to too. Got a little surprise when I tried picking it up with 2 fingers ) looking forward to hearing it and will post a few thoughts.   ..dB
En_R is travelling so he might take a while to get back to the thread . I do not believe all is sold yet..dB
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