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I know a few people are waiting to hear more opinions about this amp and when Alex asked me if I would be interested in hearing the pre-production version of the Liquid Crimson, I naturally jumped at the opportunity. I know this is a usual comment, but this amp is really something cool to hold in your hands. It is relatively small for a Cavalli desktop amp but it is built like a tank and the weight in your hands testifies to your inner sense that this is no slouch....
It is a form of bass lens ..dB
F2D !! welcome back ..dB
 aaah you finally got your hands on one - congrats and excellent!! ..dB
I just got the other pre-production unit in , it is a seriously sexy little amp ( weighs more than it ought to too. Got a little surprise when I tried picking it up with 2 fingers ) looking forward to hearing it and will post a few thoughts.   ..dB
En_R is travelling so he might take a while to get back to the thread . I do not believe all is sold yet..dB
Then you need to try the real McCoy .. Mullard CV181..dB 
I am not clear on exactly what it is that you were looking for but Tube Depot has them in stock . For data sheets on most tubes I use Duncanamps as they link to many different resources. .dB
well fortunately he is a well established headfier and well known to many so these requests are more to keep the prices more reasonable for the buyer. En-R is one of the most trustworthy folk I have met in this hobby and yes, he does / did own all this gear..dB
Cantata and Liquid Gold is one of my favorite combinations. Enjoy ..dB
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