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 is this even possible, where to go when you have perfection?  edit - guess I forgot the obligatory smiley  
 Mike, just wait until you have spent a few days with the Liquid Glass and tube rolling. As much as I love the detail and neutral tone of the Liquid Gold, I still seem to come back to the Glass as my "comfort zone". There is just a sense of delicacy with the tube microdynamics that it lulls the senses and feels so right.  why must there be such tough choices in life ? ..dB
Yes    I feel that the Abyss offers an insight into detail and tone that no other planar does ( for me ) and that includes stats. As a reference, the original Omega has been the best stat I have heard. 
  sooo tempting to have some fun with this    smeggy felt - just thick but dense felt initially used to damp the now extinct SFI drivers by our own ortho nut "Smeggy" who gave us the 'thunderpants' and opened the doors for all further T50rp mods including Mr Speakers Mad/Alpha Dog and LFF's Paradox. It is a thick natural fibre felt pad ( not unlike old carpet underfelt )    "yellow biscuit" , this is not what happened to the Blues Brother's Rubber biscuit after a...
No big secret as to how I modded them , but I don't remember :). I know they went through several iterations as most modding goes and they have not been touched for a good ~ 6 years. I will dig about my files and let you know.    The biggest challenge I have had with these is to disassemble the cups to make them dual entry. My personal pair was one of the first I had come across and it is still single entry but I replaced all the wiring.    as for vintage and comfort....
still love my HP50A , pressure on the ears are the only issue I have after an hour or so of listening. But oh so worth it for the enjoyment..dB
A little late to the party - picked up a bug and only just got round to building this little gadget.            came up perfectly and just needs the end plates drilled / cut.    I will have to test it with the ODAC tomorrow. None of the dacs I have at home will likely see much benefit    Thanks TomB and A_A   ..dB
 The glass is my personal favourite of any amp with the HD800
My highlight - I know this is old but seriously just getting to meet up with all the people I have been virtually communicating with for the past few years and 'shoot the breeze'  From a musical perspective - LFF's CodeX and Enigma - just fantastic  Purrin's OB speakers - the "night before" party didn't really show them off as well as the set up at the meet. The fun part at the meet was sitting on a wheeled chair and changing positions to see how this impacted playback...
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