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my very first T50rp mod used cork board - never tried it again but they sounded pretty good to me at the time. 
I am sure that this has been stated a million times over and I will preface this by saying I am not much of a cable guy. Not much because I would not use winflew to wire up my stereo or headphones.    To a large extent , it is where you find yourself in the hobby. An analogy, something else that relies heavily of sensory interpretation and experience. Wine or single malt whisky. If you take someone who is ignorant of the subtleties or nuances of flavour and present them...
A preview from Chris Martens but no full review yet :
 That diversion did seem to spin out of control  African Bloodwood is actually beautiful when finished , problem is it is one of the densest woods I have ever come across and is hard as nails.   ..dB
easy , just keep adding more - a special wood varnish . LFF has a couple of liters, sure he could find some to spare. 
It is not an iem - it really needs the headband. ( which is an engineering marvel - just amazing ) The little arm that holds the ear piece pivots down to bring the tip into contact with the ear canal. The ear piece has that acoustic chamber that can be detached - this allows for heavier damping of the backwave. The top end does roll off but no more then any stock yamaha, and it makes for a pleasant listening experience, but not for the people who like razor shards in their...
Having heard both the YH1000 and YH5M, I would say they sound remarkably similar to one another. Essentially if you like the yamaha sound, you will like these. 
There were a few folk in the beta test group who have more orthos in the stable and an assortment of dynamics too..dB
Having modded 2 of these and per report them sounding very good, there is a little more than creatology but it is not rocket science. I doubt Joe is using any foam damping but I may be wrong. The measurements of the modded headphones are exceptional. 
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