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Take my comments with the necessary reserve. I will limit to the LG.    I have said this before but the attraction of the LG is the large SET like sound without having to buy a large SET amp. Right from the very early inception of this amp, its ability to accurately represent the tube sound  and create the illusion of listening to a well engineered SET amp has been its greatest attraction to me. The limiting factor of the amp is the gain which is set by the mu of the...
Seems Broskie liked it too  
 there are 3 output jacks 1 x 4 pin balanced2 x dual xlr/trs plugs - this is for left / right 3-pin balanced and also has the ability to take stereo TRS for single ended headphone connections. 
New production      original prototype  
i won't be making this one lads but it would have been cool to compare the LCD-X and XC with other gear to see how they respond. I might have to invite radio_head over one day and we can have our own mini meet and commiserate. Have a blast and don't get too wasted on the koolaid ..dB
you can but it would be better not to. The added load from parallel headphones will impact the amps performance.    edit - I sent Alex a note asking him to let you have the LAu manual - it must have been shipped with the LLmkII manual in error 
Hey Darin   The jacks are combo stereo jacks. the one to the left is impedance matched for low sensitivity headphones while the one on the right ( looking at the amp face ) is the standard stereo jack.    don't try and plug stats into it ;)    ..dB
I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pretty much floored by how much detail and control this little amp has - I said to Jason that there is no way that Schiit should sound that good. If anything, I think the Modi was holding it back. This is just one of "those" products - it is going to generate huge waves.    ..dB
 It is ignorance of the design that might drive you to beat your forehead repeatedly. The LL is the only stat amp to sense the rails and shut the entire thing off if the safe operating current limit is exceeded. This will not only protect costly headphones but also the user as the amp will have completely shut itself down. In my mind, this is the safest solution. 
I had initially read your post in that matter and then saw the counterpost and concluded that you were playing a baiting game . If this were not so, your post on the other forum would not have been stated as you did. If you did not intend this interpretation of your motives, it might have been better not to have followed through elsewhere. BUT , let's not extend any ill feeling as I honestly harbor none. Alex will hopefully have access to his pc later and be able to...
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