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mine have deviated slightly from stock        ..dB
not often but i still pick them up from time to time..dB
 Just an FYI, the carbon is not lush, imo, it is more resolving than the HA-1. ( yes , I have heard both side by side) I like the versatility of the HA-1 and use it mostly as a preamp . It's headphone stage is solid but does not resolve to the same degree as the Cavalli..dB
oh i had forgotten about those 6CG7's - excellent recommendation too 
my recommendation would be to look for CBS/Hytron long bottle 12SN7 - a great tube at a reasonable cost.    I was not a fan of the CV181-Z ShuGuang , the original Mullards were another matter entirely.   ..dB 
 no picture, but it is a solid magnet structure which iirc was cut with a water jet . I have been tempted to open them but the possibility of the magnet pulling a screw / screwdriver through the driver has little to no appeal . ( there are stories of this happening during development - hence the need for non magnetic tools ) My curiosity has not risen to levels of insanity yet. 
count me in too ..dB
it is very expensive , and difficult to find a manufacturer who can cut neodynium. Ask Joe to tell you the story behind the AB1266 magnets sometime. 
:) , it is all about context. 
I finally got time to collect my thoughts, just another opinion to toss into the mass :)    There are many ways to approach listening to a new set of headphone in order to try and convey a sense of its strengths and weaknesses. A common scenario is to line up a selection of headphones and set up an A-B comparison. The strength of this approach is that it provides an immediate sense of feedback of the differences between the 2  ( or more ) headphones. This imo, is also a...
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