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great project guys.    any thoughts on buck/boost power modules . Thinking of something lilke the TI module , this would allow a simple ( easily attainable li-ion battery ) in the 3.7V range to be used and generate decent rails for an amp, it is pretty small once implemented too  - this module gives 40mA which should be plenty for a portable.  ..dB
Original sale fell through - buyer did not realise these were terminated with balanced RSA/ALO plug    I was hanging onto this cable as my intention had been to pick up a set of UERM, but I cannot tolerate anything inside my ears for an extended period of time. Rather than cut it up for use elsewhere I am offering it up here. It is unused, comes in a DHC cotton bag and is the black and clear braid. Lowballers will be ignored and no trades. Shipped within the US for $115....
Kabeer has made note of this before, but the more "well worn" the pads are, the better the sound often is - we should perhaps be entertaining some of the 'leaky' experiments a few folk have pioneered..dB
it is called refinement :) .    There is a lot that happens with product development, something might sound good but you have not yet explored all ideas and when the version that sounds best presents itself, you run with it. There were several version of the original LF before it moved from the test bench into the amp that so many people have enjoyed. This next evolution has taken a little longer than Alex had anticipated but many confounding events transpired that this...
yep, bass should be deep but very well balanced, i think you have too much pressure on the driver 
LOL  , those were some crazy YH100 experiments, not what I had in mind though..dB
hey bmf - seems my yh100 posts are buried too deeply for me to find too. I will be getting another one in soon , I will take pictures as I go  it is the thin stuff from michaels, not the self adhesive kind. the old felt from homeschooling will do the job perfectly. I tend to default to vintage felts ( it will be a sad day when the stash runs out ) 
Full details of my approach here   ..dB
Got the XC yesterday , sadly I will not be coming down but perhaps someone else will have a pair at the meet to share. hope you all have a good time..dB
well done Nick, 1 out of 6 is a HUGE success. These are very cool portables, and this little driver was one of yamahas finest..dB
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