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count me in too ..dB
it is very expensive , and difficult to find a manufacturer who can cut neodynium. Ask Joe to tell you the story behind the AB1266 magnets sometime. 
:) , it is all about context. 
I finally got time to collect my thoughts, just another opinion to toss into the mass :)    There are many ways to approach listening to a new set of headphone in order to try and convey a sense of its strengths and weaknesses. A common scenario is to line up a selection of headphones and set up an A-B comparison. The strength of this approach is that it provides an immediate sense of feedback of the differences between the 2  ( or more ) headphones. This imo, is also a...
Re YH100 price : I can't have been looking too closely but even before the revival, they would average $200 , the highest I saw them go for was close to $400 at the height of vintage Ortho craze. I would have thought $200 - $250 would not be unreasonable and $150 would be a great find.   Even the YHD1 hovers around $200.
Many class A amps require some warm up , but in the order of 20minutes not 48 hours. The warm up that has most people talking is the Yggy - Schist's flagship dad which they recommend is never switched off. I have a vintage R2R dad that was designed without a power switch - probably for this reason and it sounds much better when everything is warmed up too.
 I will second this notion - I am a non believer in burn in but these headphones sounded dramatically different after 72 hours of continual burning in (and I didn't bother listening to them at all during this time) ..dB
No battery. Just standard iec power input. I am guessing transportable due to size.
So for those who missed the relevance of the above post 2 NEW CAVALLI AMPS ( feel a little mercerish with all the caps ;) )        it is not merely a balanced version of the portable but a completely different topology , discrete and balanced front to back    I am very excited about these 2 products, not only because they pushed Alex back to the drawing board to get these amps small ( and quiet ) but also because I think everyone is going to be floored by the price...
Is your cable actually damaged or are you concerned that it is old? The original cables actually impart some of the character to the HP1 so I have stopped trying to replace them if I can. Mogami quad mic cable is a pretty good fit in the US ( in order to reuse the strain relief ) . ..dB
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