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I haven't stuffed my board yet - ended up going to the Bay area meet which was just magnificent. Planning on getting it done in the next day or so , looking forward to seeing how this impacts the O2.    and thanks for the xtra bits TomB - I didn't even think to check ( which is a major fail on my part - this is how we catch tired brain phenomenon ) 
You should be able to fix this with conductive ink patch and not much loss in fidelity
I was trying to follow exactly what happened to the driver - if it is an area of the trace that has been damaged it is not impossible to repair it with conductive ink. The driver swap would be pretty easy too as long as they have the same impedance, not sure how easily the pmb drivers are to split...dB
my wife thought it was junk mail but i spotted the doodlebug , saved in the nick of time :) 
it has to be AC as there is onboard rectification
parts ordered :) 
hi vixr   some great advice already given. to expand on tangent/avro 's comment of the ground plane being better on the other side is that you really don't want to "cut up" a ground plane if at all possible. It is always necessary to some extent and sometimes even purposeful to force the ground current flow in a particular direction. when you fragment it too much , the risk is for generating ground loops. this becomes a much greater risk with larger boards. I am not...
This is cool Tom , I would be up to build one of these  -  I actually recently revisited the usb isolator designed by oleg as I thought it would be interesting to see how this impacts the odac I have at work.    ..dB
iirc it has a conventional ortho construction. I cannot recall the specifics of what I did - distant recall says I treated like a T50 or OEM ie the RP18   ..dB
great project guys.    any thoughts on buck/boost power modules . Thinking of something lilke the TI module , this would allow a simple ( easily attainable li-ion battery ) in the 3.7V range to be used and generate decent rails for an amp, it is pretty small once implemented too  - this module gives 40mA which should be plenty for a portable.  ..dB
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