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  This is because it is a tube hybrid ;)  ..dB
That had been the evil plan but it looks like my mother in law is flying in for 2 weeks from Scotland , so not sure if I will be making it after all. If I do come down , I will be sure to bring a few things along.    ..dB
Thanks will give this a go when I get back to the office.
Quick question:   I relocated my office and had to unplug everything - for some reason the doodlebug is no longer recognized. I vaguely recall Fishki talking about a plug in sequence and recall having to go through a sequence back when I initially installed it but have tried every which set up and it doesn't seem to be recognizing.    the question - is there a sequence that generally works ?   thanks ..dB     was loving it for all this time , thanks TomB
Throwing my hat in too, hopefully the stars align..dB
I really need to make it down again to see you all. The June date always co-insides with my anniversary which would be a tough one to explain away but August seems fair game. Glad a good time was had by all.   ..dB
consider yourself a lucky man ;) ..dB
The intrinsic benefit of balanced throughout is the overall noise cancellation. Noise will be out of phase within positive and negative signal, this means they cancel each other out. This will not be the case for single ended input ( even though the amp will convert it into a balanced signal ) . The benefit you will still get is the fact that both the positive and negative signal is active - which equates to better driver control and more power.  The noise cancellation is...
These headphones can really shine with a few mods. One of the first things is to get a set of HiFiMan velour pads - iirc the HE5 pads are a perfect fit. ..dB
I think the stock YHD3 are not the flat fabric pads of the YHD1/YHD2 ilk but rather "normal" raised pads but still low profile. I seem to recall seeing that thin foam damping pad in the YHD3 disintegrated in the set I had. I have never had the YHE50 so have no personal reference. My thoughts would echo yours that drivers should be similar. and yes, quite astounding little drivers.    The zebra ID1 are not neutral by any means but they have much more top end than the...
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