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En_R is travelling so he might take a while to get back to the thread . I do not believe all is sold yet..dB
Then you need to try the real McCoy .. Mullard CV181..dB 
I am not clear on exactly what it is that you were looking for but Tube Depot has them in stock . For data sheets on most tubes I use Duncanamps as they link to many different resources. .dB
well fortunately he is a well established headfier and well known to many so these requests are more to keep the prices more reasonable for the buyer. En-R is one of the most trustworthy folk I have met in this hobby and yes, he does / did own all this gear..dB
Cantata and Liquid Gold is one of my favorite combinations. Enjoy ..dB
Yes it does and will :) ..dB
There is no simple answer to this :   Tube amps generally fall into the following OTC = output transformer coupled OTL = output transformerless  OCL = output capacitorless   I guess strictly speaking you could have any number of amps ( solid state and vacuum state ) fall into these categories. The problem is not every OTC amp sounds the same because there are several design elements which go into the amplifier itself and the various transformers impose a sound of...
 No , LG is a tube hybrid. OTC/OTL etc is reserved for "pure tube" amp , not that most of them today don't have any solid state active devices in them. The tube in the LG offers the voltage ( signal ) amplification, the buffer is completely neutral and offers current amplification ( ability to drive practically any headphone ) . The unique attributes of the LG is that the design allows you to experience the subtle ( and sometimes not so subtle ) differences with...
 Yes , it is possible and indeed probable :) . LG makes for a great preamp when not driving headphones. It has been too long since I heard the AKG K812 with the LG but I still regularly pick up my K501s with mine and they sound fantastic. ..dB
I have a spare assembly - send me your address and I will send them off to you. The cups have holes drilled in them but hopefully you can salvage the strut. The holey cups actually worked well and sounded great , you might want to play with them too..dB
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