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Stock , what blasphemy is this you speak of!  I guess i could allow you the leeway of "proper shape". Mine are indeed in proper shape and sound marvelously rich with deep bass and tinkly highs. :)  many thought that they were the epitome of how orthos should sound ( the original ) but they had to be driven by a behemouth power amp , BUT modern orthos have proven to be far more capable in their technical abilities, so no contest  ..dB
 As Alex knows, I hold this amp very dear to my heart and I will be very sad to see the last of its line fade into glory.  ..dB
Excellent and congrats :) ..dB
There may be locally available conductive inks and there is no limit to what fun and opportunity this may evolve into ;)    if you do decide to ship, I would suggest just the driver membrane protected between 2 firm cards to limit bending and send it as a letter.    ..dB
Haven't been paying close attention to the thread. GREQ, do you have a millimeter to check resistance?   Your last thought above was spot on, the way I isolate the problem is to use a piece of pliable wire ( so that there is some spring/give to avoid damaging the driver) bend a mild curve in it and use that as the probe to find the problem. The foster driver have continuity from the outer silver band to the central pit on both sides and then the center connects to both...
  This is because it is a tube hybrid ;)  ..dB
That had been the evil plan but it looks like my mother in law is flying in for 2 weeks from Scotland , so not sure if I will be making it after all. If I do come down , I will be sure to bring a few things along.    ..dB
Thanks will give this a go when I get back to the office.
Quick question:   I relocated my office and had to unplug everything - for some reason the doodlebug is no longer recognized. I vaguely recall Fishki talking about a plug in sequence and recall having to go through a sequence back when I initially installed it but have tried every which set up and it doesn't seem to be recognizing.    the question - is there a sequence that generally works ?   thanks ..dB     was loving it for all this time , thanks TomB
Throwing my hat in too, hopefully the stars align..dB
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