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  thanks, I know have that set of unused padauk from the original if you would like to tinker  ..dB
That is cool Guru - the 6AS7 can put out a lot of current.   Here is a project that is long overdue    This project has been a long time comming. I have had the head-band and turned cups for at least 5 years and the final vision for which drivers etc has changed many times. The motivation came when my son accicentally killed my iems which I use for travel and as I am not a fan of iems, I decided to explore options for travelling. I love my Yamaha YHD1's as they are...
That is very well done. I don't find the stock band uncomfortable but if you have to make your own, this is surely the way to do it..dB
Hybrids like the LG but not OTL type tube amps
The Liquid Glass cannot use either of those tubes, they are power pentodes and not dual triodes. There are however more than enough options to try various tubes. and if you want to extend the number of possible tubes, a simple loctal adapter opens up a slew of others to try.    ..dB
Here are the links   good luck ..dB
It required a dremel and a good deal of faith. 
 is this even possible, where to go when you have perfection?  edit - guess I forgot the obligatory smiley  
 Mike, just wait until you have spent a few days with the Liquid Glass and tube rolling. As much as I love the detail and neutral tone of the Liquid Gold, I still seem to come back to the Glass as my "comfort zone". There is just a sense of delicacy with the tube microdynamics that it lulls the senses and feels so right.  why must there be such tough choices in life ? ..dB
Yes    I feel that the Abyss offers an insight into detail and tone that no other planar does ( for me ) and that includes stats. As a reference, the original Omega has been the best stat I have heard. 
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