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From the Liquid Glass webpage List of Tubes That Should Work: Noval Octal 12AU7 6SN7 ECC82 12SN7 5963 VT231 6680 CV1986 5814 CV1988 12AT7 B65 ECC81 B63 6DJ8 ECC32 ECC88 CV181 6922 ECC88 8416 6H30 6189 6N1PEB 6H23EB 7730 ECC802 6CG7 12BH7 6FQ7 6GU7
No , the glass is SE only.
 Straight up - it might be.  The tabs need aluminium solder which is not the easiest but also not impossible. The new lead free solder should actually work a treat although I have not tried.  The ring is there to make contact with the opposite side of the diaphragm. If you have a steady hand you can check the continuity of the driver by placing a probe on the silver foil at the edge and then touching the middle of the driver.  good luck and enjoy the yamaha.  ..dB 
good to hear . Post a pic of the completed amp. I didn't check but did you include all the mods too?   ..dB
Home sick today and browsing all sorts of fun things - glad to hear you got this sorted. Looks like an impressive iteration of an old favourite..dB
Thanks for the kind words Warren ..dB
All the very best and I know your vision will take Cavalli Audio into the next era 
@ TomB , thank the stars someone was hanging on to some of the old HW posts. I often think of all the treasured discussion from the DIY forum - crazy amount of aged wizdom no longer available.    @ Headphonejunkie. I would agree with TomB on trying to push the SOHA to the limits - it will be limited by the low B+ and once you build a true high voltage B+ and high current buffer you essentially have the SOHA II which is a technically better amp. Is it the best offering...
Congrats, that is a lovely looking amp ..dB
dBel84   DIY oriented gear - soldering irons, universal parts = exotic volume knobs etc 
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