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I can vouch for these. They are the best Grado I have ever heard and one of very few dynamic headphones that i preferred over planar magnetic headphones. The mods really only help to reduce resonance, tighten up the bass and smooth out the top end peaks that can be seen stock. These headphones are also pretty robust so despitevthe vintage they are not going to fall apart. Good luck with the sale R_h ..dB
And that classic Cavalli styling !
Very cool to have your passion and dream job rolled onto one. Massdrop and this community are fortunate to have you..dB
I know i don't post often but at this point i listen to the Abyss almost exclusively. I would agree that it is like no other. ..dB
Me too
The Big W came down from the mountain last night and he sayeth, go forth and inspire the orthophiles so that true miracles are to be beholden     if only there were manufacturers open to newer technologies we might have light weight and obnoxiously sensitive planar magnetic headphones .....   ..dB 
I have alerted Alex to this problem. He is at CanJam so it may take a little longer to get fixed. Now would be a good time to dream up the amazing chassis to house the amp in ..dB
To my ears LS>>LC ..dB
Planning to be there..dB
      This is not one of Warren's multiquote bonanzas but rather to collect common themes and address an obvious oversight.  One thing about Alex's amps is that each are designed to meet a specific need and not some hierarchical order. That is aside from the Liquid Carbon which was designed to bring his design genius to a lower price point  - no compromise on design per se but cheaper to build and thus the cost benefit to the community.  Liquid Glass - designed for tube...
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