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There are pictures of the drivers on this forum i posted some when i repaired a set for K. I may still have them saved somewhere..dB
Any one in LA .... I would love to hear these ..dB
 I have been fortunate enough to have had them and a few more at the same time , sadly my acoustic memory is lacking and I am not able to give you specifics, although I can tell you they are all fine headphones. Kabeer's modded HP500 do stand out in memory as being special. again memory fails me  -  there are some standard rules but exactly what specific materials end up used depends on the performance of the particular set at the time. I do not recall exactly what was...
Try not to twist it any more, i have seen membranes torn away from the center pin. Use a bright light to best align the holes (gentle minimal movement) and use little clamps to hold it in place. I would not use superglue because the vapour and thin liquid could seep between the magnets. A thicker glue or even nail polish could be used but let it dry well. Opening them will only cause you more heartache. Try dab a small drop of adhesive on the arm too..dB
Oh my! I never thought I would see this amp surface again :) . Truly stellar amp and a killer price too. I continue to use my stacker more regularly than any other amp.   good luck with the sale..dB 
I can vouch for these. They are the best Grado I have ever heard and one of very few dynamic headphones that i preferred over planar magnetic headphones. The mods really only help to reduce resonance, tighten up the bass and smooth out the top end peaks that can be seen stock. These headphones are also pretty robust so despitevthe vintage they are not going to fall apart. Good luck with the sale R_h ..dB
And that classic Cavalli styling !
Very cool to have your passion and dream job rolled onto one. Massdrop and this community are fortunate to have you..dB
I know i don't post often but at this point i listen to the Abyss almost exclusively. I would agree that it is like no other. ..dB
Me too
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