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 No , this would not be the case - differential balanced amplifier - noise cancellation benefits of the balanced output with quiet background in balanced mode. ..dB
 I owned both for a while and I would agree ( but some may say I am biased ) ..dB
Have a blast folk, sorry to miss this one..dB
that looks great , way to go Nick..dB
I suspect a Russian H-21C driver based in the name and appearance
They look like ATH OEMs, but we have seen dynamic drivers in such cups before. Are these planar magnetic? It is possible that dynamic refers to the driver being dynamic ( classic voice coil driver )   ..dB
good to hear that you have such a positive experience with the amp . My guess at the design is a simple ( and I like simple ) opamp gain stage with a push pull classA output stage. The power resistors on the output most likely attenuate the noise floor ( this is purely a function of high bias output stage ) . I am sure the engineers put a lot of R&D into the psu to keep the noise floor lower than an off the shelf SMTP supply. I have read some of work being done in this...
Interesting that they appear to be using a switchmode power supply. This is not a 2 box design is it with the transformer in another chassis?   Thanks for sharing the images, I had been curious what was under the steel shield.   ..dB
 Nothing is impossible, but would anyone aside from you or I care?  Come to think of it, both are quite comfortably sitting in my bedside cabinet, so I guess this leaves only you wondering ;) ..dB EDIT - I will add my 2c on the comb effect - there is none, @jerg, the PM-1 are critically damped
I know I am a little biased here as the LG is my "love child" - but I can honestly say that the HD800 were dead to me until I heard them on a suped up Balancing Act but they totally wowed me when I plugged them into my LG. There are very few headphones which don't sound great on it, this affords me endless hours of enjoyment. Hope you get another chance to hear it..dB
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