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Trying to reducing my entire collection of headphones to one full and one earphone, so I'm looking to get rid of some of my earphones that are not getting use. I'll get pictures up as soon as I can. It's been awhile since I've been around Head-Fi, so my pricing may be a little off. Feel free to send offers or tell me I'm out of line with some of my pricing and I'll be happy to make some adjustments.    1. JVC FX700 - I purchased these new a few years ago. Used very...
Price Lowered!
Price lowered!
Thanks for the info KlausGut! I appreciate it. I did not know that and I'll update.
Sold! Thanks
Stefan Audio Art AKG K1000 or HE-6 tail for sale. I just sold my K1000s, so I no longer need my high end tail. I'll have to check, but I believe this is the 8ft version. Paid around $400 new. Very difficult to track this down on the used market.   Price includes USPS Priority shipping and Paypal fees.   A few more pictures here: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/jussei/sets/72157624137856287/
That was fast! K1000's are gone! SAA Cable still available.
Love my T1's, but I have to pay off some medical bills, so they have to go. I'd say I put a couple hundred hours on them, but babied them the entire time, so they're near mint. They are completely stock and sound fantastic. They include everything they did new, including the aluminum box.   I'm not sure of the going rate for T1's right now, but I'll start at $SOLD, which would include USPS Priority shipping and Paypal fees.   I haven't got any pictures at the moment,...
K1000 SOLD SOLD SOLD   SAA Cable still available for $200 shipped and Paypaled   Thought that I'd never sell these, but some unexpected medical bills mean I need start digging myself out of a hole, so my beloved K-1000s have to go. I'm the second owner and have owned them for quite awhile. This pair is the more sought-after 'bass heavy' version with a serial of 03671. Also included is the Stefan Audio Art tail with premium spades. I originally paid close to $400...
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