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Up Up and Away
The time has come for me to sell off some of the part's I have rounded up in the past few years. It's amazing how much time a 3 year old and a infant slow's down you hobbies. Here is what is on my list as of now. Maybe more to come.     2: e22 backplane circuit board. $30 Shipped to CONUS   3: 7-pin Mini tube breakout boards. I have four of them. Selling for $25 Shipped to CONUS   4: Mini3 Cover plate's. New, never been mounted. $30 shipped to...
Still For Sale
I have a set of Shure E3C's. They have about 5 minutes on them. I plugged them in to check if they work and then they have been in the case for the last 4 months. I just got them back from Shure about 5 months ago. They come with what is in the pic nothing else. The price includes PayPal and shipping to the CONUS.     CONUS ONLY!    
Well fellas, I am super busy and I am not going to be able to put one together. Now if someone else wants to I can help a little. I have some equipment that will be donated to raffle.   The long wait was in getting a company to do the meet with, Acoustic Sounds. I was in conversation with Chad and we were in the early stages of getting together and then he purchased a new building and is going to be moving all spring and summer. Someday my goal is having a meet with...
This is why the forum has been neglected lately. It's winter so I put it up for the year yesterday.   Ducati 848, with some upgrades.  
These builds are getting better and better as time passes. Great builds fella's.
Compuryan, Great Build, Well Done
More, More, More Pics Please and maybe a little more description.     As always Ferrari, Great Work
It has been said many times before on this forum. The b22 is a hard first time build. The attention to the details will make experienced builders scratch their head many times over.   I like many say you should start off with a smaller project. Any of the Millett's are a great start.   Do you have the tools to do the work?   Like, Soldering iron, de-solder wick, solder, tweezers, clamps, DMM just to name  a few.   If you decide to go on. Good luck. This...
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