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Sorry you had trouble with it, glad you got it back together OK.   A hair dryer will get hotter than most people realize.  A heat gun is just a hair dryer with extra or beefier heating elements, and usually a lower speed fan.
That's a good question, but my first step is to replace the fuse. It's hard to troubleshoot without power. And amazingly enough, I don't mind sacrificing a sacrificial part.I think you must have a Mk. II. Mine has the classic metal clip fuse holder, and the 5x20mm glass fuse. Here is a pic of the fuse holder, no fuse. The DC input jack is upper right, switch just below it, USB input lower right.
OK, I got an answer from firestone-audio.com.   It is, as suspected, a slow-blow, 200mA, 250V fuse.  Just marked for OEM use, not standard.   Hopefully this will help anyone else who has the same difficulties.
I have a Fubar II USB DAC that I bought used from a member here. Recently, it quit working, and I set it aside for a while, as I work has been hectic, and I didn't have time to sit in my office and listen to music, much less try to troubleshoot a piece of gear. Now I've had some time, and one of the first things I checked was the internal fuse. It was blown, so I went to get a replacement. It's a standard 5x20mm glass fuse. Unfortunately, the markings are...
Just use 2 fans, one on each side, for that fancy "stereo" fan effect!  
This post is WORTHLESS without pics!    Come, on, show how your -60s look, I assume you left the mesh screen flat?  I'm dying to see them.
PM sent, speakers should be on the way.
Sale of the last pair is pending!   Thank you to all who bought, I appreciate it, and Shriners Hospital and the kids appreciate it.  You rock, in all senses of the phrase.   +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   Hey Grado lovers!  Want to do a mod that will set your Grados apart from the crowd?  Here's an easy one.  Replace the mesh/screen on the outer side of the 'phones with this larger mesh screen.  These should fit in any Grado, SR60...
Wow, I've been away for much too long. Work has been a zoo, and home is of course a zoo, I have kids. I had to force myself to ignore the phone and e-mail and take the time to read the last 4-5 pages of posts to catch up on everything. I have in my hot little hands a TTVJ FET-A desktop amp, and a TTVJ Portable Headphone Amplifier. Delivered yesterday and today, respectively. I intend to listen to the portable here at work for a few minutes, and the FET-A at home,...
I personally have no issue with you making a recording. If I don't want to be recorded, I'll stay away from the mic. Maybe if you put a great big sign on the microphone that says, "Ambient recording in progress. Please don't be quiet." I had also planned on taking pictures when I can, and making sure I have forum names for everyone I take a picture of. To that end, I plan on bringing a stack of name tags and a Sharpie, and forcing everyone to wear one. Yes, I...
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