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Having worked in HI end audio, my chats with designers, manufacturers and engineers all support this. Ask Linn, Naim, Meridian, Audio Note and Croft.Or do you think all amps sound the same? http://www.hificollective.co.uk/components/potentiometers.html
How can  six hours not be  enough? are you flying every day? Portable chargers are cheap and easy to carry
Volume pots do degrade sound or bad ones do - your statement is ludicrous not mine Most DAPs have average at best internal amps, let the case just play the music and let the amplification be done by something better.Lots of people here have DAPs where the HO is never used,
Have you got any CDs? yes- rip them using EAC   no - go to second hand shop and buy loads and rip them - this is the biggest legal bargain in lossless currently   what's the budget?
I'd love something like an M3 but with no headphone amp or HO - just a line out. A true source.
My LP12 hasn't got a touch screen, shall I throw it away? Interesting that some here don't value sound quality above all else.
You need to hear a 901 , the only affordable player that is noticeably better than dx90, or get a better for the dx90 eg Lehmann Traveller. The daps you mentioned are more of a sideways move.
So......tempting, but must pass.
My 9 year old has had these for 2 years http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/review/headphones/philips-cityscape-downtown-review-3409397/   in that time he has broken, 2 tablets, 1 wii remote, 1 wii u remote, my in caqr cd player etc yet these are abused on a daily basis and are still working perfectly.   these are bomb proof- and they sound surprisingly good, now both my kids have them. I can't think of a higher recommendation.
"only" are we losing perspective at Head Fi?Can the 100 really cost more than this to make? http://www.johnlewis.com/sony-xperia-z4-tablet-bluetooth-keyboard-snapdragon-810-android-10-1-wi-fi-32gb-black/p2045196?sku=234539052&kpid=234539052&s_kenid=965fd856-eef4-49ac-bcc6-05cb3b13e929&s_kwcid=402x351376&tmad=c&tmcampid=73&kpid=234539052
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