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Too busy listening to music on my 901/minibox with T70p to post. ūüėä
£12 each or £20 for the pair plus postage.   Genuine Head Direct products   paypal only  based UK but happy to post anywhere 
Yes it does. I have ripped 100s with eac and win 10
Unmolested, owned by me from new Happy to sell for £75 to someone here.   thanks
That's an amazing review, well done. I wish it had a digital output.
I need to get rid of a couple of hundred mags from 90s and 00s, incl lots of stuff that'll never be on the web. Seems a shame to just recycle. What have you done when in this quandary?  Hifi Plus  Hifi News Hifi World Hifi Choice  some US ones - but never getting rid of my Listener collection anyone in SE London/NW Kent want some mags?    
What makes me laugh is that they have room for horrible thin sounding speakers, but not for a headphone jack!
 7.5 and none, I have big head and specs. I don't like bassy headphones, the XS is about as bassy as I want, the ES10s are another level, quantity and quality. Have you tried the DT1350? I still think it's the king of portables. 
I love the XS, but they have less bass than the M100, if you want killer bass from a closed portable then I haven't heard better than the ATH-ES10. I don't like closed Senns, any of them.
Been recording bands on and off for 30 years, a lesson I learnt a long time ago is to never master or mix with headphones
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