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Bypass the internal DAC if you want the best sound , look at FIIO E17 or Audioengine D1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Why did you feel the need to roll back ?
I lost interest in my main two channel system - LP12 etc - it's been tweaked to perfection over the years and any meaningful upgrade would be silly money that I can't justify.   So I got into Head-Fi - this is an ever changing world where boxes are sensible money.   After that I'll buy some more guitars................
Source first for me and that starts with the mastering   .
Just over a Terrabyte, but the needledrops are growing..........
Spooky, I agree with every word, same experience as myself.    However I don't convert from 24/96 Flac to 24/96 Flac  
Using Capriccio app it plays flac
I would say dx50 and third about the same level. I have both
mine says 1.085
Go on ! you know you want my money ;-)
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