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Anyone tried the AK recorder yet?
I find a DS XL case to be a perfect size
add some Brendan Benson and a pair of T70p for audio bliss. Mojo bit scratched,cat thinks it's a hockey puck.
If you want a Les Paul copy get a Revelation, cheaper and better than the Epi. I have the FIIO guitar headphone amp, it's OK,but really you can't beat practising through a proper amp. If you have a good amp, mic it up and listen to headphones that way.
"detalisation", you what?
I think it is night and day, one of the few upgrades that gets you instantly. DX90 makes an excellent transport. These days I switch between DX90/Mojo & 901 with minibox. Those two are very close, each superb, just different flavours, eg AC30 and Fender Twin, Les Paul and Telecaster, Audrey Hepburn and Gemma Arterton.
I haven't used my DT1350 since I got my T70p
Great recordings that are also great music, all Cd Muddy Waters, Folk Singer, MFSL The Doors,L.A. DCC Elvis, 24k Hits. DCC Any Bowie on original UK RCA Cd REM, Murmur, MFSL
I use DX90 with Mojo, haven't used it on its own for months.
Finally got Win 10 today on my Lumia 930 phone, and the bugger doesn't work. Tried two different cables and no joy   I can now finally finish my 6 month long review
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