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That's an amazing review, well done. I wish it had a digital output.
I need to get rid of a couple of hundred mags from 90s and 00s, incl lots of stuff that'll never be on the web. Seems a shame to just recycle. What have you done when in this quandary?  Hifi Plus  Hifi News Hifi World Hifi Choice  some US ones - but never getting rid of my Listener collection anyone in SE London/NW Kent want some mags?    
What makes me laugh is that they have room for horrible thin sounding speakers, but not for a headphone jack!
 7.5 and none, I have big head and specs. I don't like bassy headphones, the XS is about as bassy as I want, the ES10s are another level, quantity and quality. Have you tried the DT1350? I still think it's the king of portables. 
I love the XS, but they have less bass than the M100, if you want killer bass from a closed portable then I haven't heard better than the ATH-ES10. I don't like closed Senns, any of them.
Been recording bands on and off for 30 years, a lesson I learnt a long time ago is to never master or mix with headphones
if you like Come Away With Me you must check out the Classic Records 200gm pressing.
Why so long? eac is simple to use
QED? Worth a chat with Steve Reichert at Armour
No point, will only sound the same or worse than the 2009 cds, I'm a member on Steve Hoffman and just saved you about 2 weeks of reading!
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