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Finally got Win 10 today on my Lumia 930 phone, and the bugger doesn't work. Tried two different cables and no joy   I can now finally finish my 6 month long review
what exactly is the point of the 32bit format?  does anyone record in it? can you buy music in it?   I just someone to bring out a really 16/44 only DAP that has great NOS DAC.
Has anyone done a serious comparison to an Audiolab M-dac?
What is DSP?
thought this rang a bell http://www.head-fi.org/t/712487/april-fools-astell-kern-ak480-music-player#post_10412211
I find the charger the only real downside to being a 901 owner. I wish it charged by USB!
I love the Mojo with DT1350 and T70p, loads of detail, which I crave.
I find the HD600 to have great synergy with the Mojo. HD600 only sounds thin if the amp is underpowered, something that the Mojo is not, or the music is poorly mastered in the first place.
It's like Lancia making cars again,you remember the experience but also the pain.
I have just reviewed the GS1000e http://www.head-fi.org/products/grado-gs1000e/reviews/14965
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