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if you like Come Away With Me you must check out the Classic Records 200gm pressing.
Why so long? eac is simple to use
QED? Worth a chat with Steve Reichert at Armour
No point, will only sound the same or worse than the 2009 cds, I'm a member on Steve Hoffman and just saved you about 2 weeks of reading!
Got an S7 edge, comparing to outgoing Z5 over weekend
Really enjoyed today, the best London meet yet, would love to have seen Grado and VModa there, and I didn't see Jude once, which was a shame, his presence matters.   I went to only find out about DAPs and closed portable headphones, so avoided lots of jewelry and £1k+ products.The best sound I heard was the T5p with my 901/minibox. Great to see lots of new products there.   Overall was got me was just how friendly and enthusiastic people were, lets compare this to...
SMILE! it's CanJam day! 
Under Boris and May your lucky to get in at all!
Haven't done this for a while Open 1) Grado Gs1000e, just wow 2) HD600 3) AKG270 playback Closed 1) Denon D2000 2) Beyer T70p 3) Beyer DT1350 4) Vmoda XS 5) Audio Technical ATH ES10 (ESW11 pads) 6) Senn Amperior
Got my weekend ticket, see you Saturday, I'll be wearing my T70p, and probably Gretsch/Guild/Rickenbacker t shirt! I'll bring my 901/minibox and DX90/Mojo.
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