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http://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/   no trains to Cannon St, London Bridge or Waterloo East. makes my 40 minute journey into a 2 hour one!   hope it doesn't affect attendance
Got a ticket for tomorrow. Now....what toys to bring.? Probably Lehmann Traveller, 901 and ES10.
Why would anyone need variable output on LO.? Never saw the point of it
try to hear a Lehmann Traveller amp, sweet sound,not cheap but drives anything i can throw at it inl D2000, HD600 and T70p, unheard of at Head Fi, but i have not heard better portable amplification.
My dx90 sounds nothing like my 901 plus minibox , chalk n cheese
Don't use whilst charging! A DS case fits perfectly.
Have you seen the products on the new web site?   http://www.hisoundaudio.com/en/   I think they've left the portable game - shame     but what is this?? 
I convert all DSD ISOs to 24/176 flac in Foobar before transfering to my 901, saves all the messing about. I have compared DFF to 24/176 and for some reason the latter sounds better, I guess it gives the 901 less to do
I dont get the deal with dt1350s comfort. I have a massive head and wear specs. The metal frame bends easily and dont pinch, especially after a few weeks. I still rate them as the best sounding truly portable, seconded by the Vmoda XS. The Senns all sound rolled off to me and/or bass boosted as did the M3 and T51p The 1350 to my ears has the most accurate sound.
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