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T70 or DT1350 for portable, to me they are the most accurate
The same test records I use for amp and speaker evaluation Muddy Waters MFSL cd and lp Time Out classic records 45 rpm (needledrop) XTC Skylarking MFSL Cd Mofi cds sound better than hi rez to me
not sure how I wasn't clear, it may sound amazing but the design is truly hideous, looks like something out of a Xmas cracker. Buy hey if we all liked the same things the world would be a boring place.
Using a Windows phone Lumia 930, I am not able to upload a photo using the mobile site, other than that, and not being able to create new threads, the mobile site looks superb
My brain is confused, some say it sounds better than my 901, yet my eyes see possibly the ugliest bit of audio ever. To me it looks like a $29.99 model, the gold looks cheap and nasty.
some new entries here - including an MDAC to plug them into    1) HD600 - still the king, loves the Audiolab 2) T70p - king of treble, and with my old musicians ears I need it. NOT for bass lovers 3) D2000 - the ying to the T70ps yang, yet not rolled off or dull, everyone who hears this loves this headphone 4) DT1350 - Its getting closer but this is still the king of the portables 5) ATH-ES10 (ESW11 pads) - just a little less bass and bit more above 10k would make...
I love the sound of it, with dx50&90 it takes them to new league. The volume control takes a while to get used to but can remain slightly irritating , but what a sound!!!! If there is a better sounding portable amp I haven't heard it.
Already follow on facebook and twitter Currently have HM-602 HM-901 plus minibox Used to have 801 and I got my wife's boss to buy some RE600s last week, that must be worth extra points!
My 15 year old 600s rarely get used, they aren't portable and at home I prefer speakers, so last night I plugged into my Audiolab MDAC, and just wow, these are a reference to me, a yardstick to measure other headphones by. I seriously cannot fault the sound. Its easy to forget how great these things are.
I heard open and closed with AK240 and my 901 with mini box, definitely need an amp and I am no headbanger.
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