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I have a pair of the original JH Audio 13 Pros that I'm looking to sell. Monitors are in perfect condition and sound excellent, as expected. These are the custom IEMs from JH Audio so they will need to be reshelled.   I will also throw in a BTG Audio Starlight cable $125 value. This is an absolutely amazing cable. I also owned a Moon Audio Silver Dragon for these IEMs and prefer the BTG Audio cable by a wide margin for its overall sound, comfort around the ears and...
I have the Jaybird X3 and can highly recommend them. Great bluetooth connection, excellent battery life, and you can easily customize the sound to your liking with the phone app.   They also give you six different sets of tips to help you get the best fit possible.   You won't be disappointed with them.
You should be able to do it. The manual says that it can connect up to eight devices. I haven't tried 2 phones, but I can connect to both my PC and my phone and it switches seamlessly between the 2 whenever I want to switch the source device.   I have a pair of JH Audio 13 Pros and I am just as happy to use my Jaybirds. I have been able to get a great fit with the Comply tips and the rubber wings, and the app really allows you to dial in the sound that you...
Awesome thumping bass from these headphones. Comes with carrying case and original packaging. These have been recabled by Head-Fi's own Fallen Angel, and sound great, but no longer have the mic or three-button remote $50 and we split the shipping. Great deal!
i've got a Klipsch One that has been recabled, so it doesn't have the mic and 3-button remote. $50 and I'll split the shipping with you.
Amp works perfectly but the battery will need to be replaced as it only holds a charge for about 10 or 15 minutes anymore. Plugged in, it is fine. There are a few extremely minor blemishes (just a couple of little white specs on the top of the case) to the casing from use over the years, but nothing major. If you really want to see them send me your email address for additional pics. Rob
Email sent.
I've emailed Justin at Headamp more than once and posted on the Pico DAC/amp thread and have received no response so I'm hoping someone else can help. The battery will no longer hold a charge. I've opened up the case, but have no idea how to get the circuit board with the battery out. Anyone have any luck doing this?
Alright then, I guess no support for me. Sigh.
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