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The 1/8 jack on my Silver Dragon IEM cable is broken (for the second time!), and Moon Audio won't ship without insurance which is $30. So it's a bit expensive to send it back to them for a fix. Can any DIYer in T.O. help me out? Or does anyone know of somewhere in the city where I can take it to get it fixed? Thanks, Rob
If you don't like the look of the Twag, just get the Silver Dragon. I have it and think it's a very high quality cable. And, really, the cable sounds great, so if there is any sound differenece that someone might reccomend, it's likely to be simply a matter of preference, which you ultimately may or may not share. If you decide that you don't like it, which I doubt, you probably won't have trouble selling it. Cheers, Happy Silver Dragon user.
I'm in. I'd like a 48" with an Oyaide right angle connector, please. Thanks, Rob
Hi Drew, I'm definitely interested in one of the 48" right angle models for my Jh13s, depending on price, of course. Any idea on a ballpark range that you would be selling these for? Don't worry, I won't hold you to an exact figure. Thanks
My advice would be to go see a sports medicine doctor. Without being able to see how you run, the shoes you wear, the symmetry of your body, there is no way to diagnose what is causing the injury.
Dynamic Audio is also a wonderful place to check out headphones in Akihabara. The first floor has just about every headphone you might want to listen to with comfy leather chairs to sit in while listening.
Thanks John. I ran my goal race on Sunday and qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:13:26.   If you're interested, you can read my brief race report here.
I like the new design too. I haven't spent a ton of time navigating, but I used to just come here and hit the "New Posts" button. Now, it's right there as Recent Items when I log in.   I tend to surf Head-Fi on my laptop so I just turn down the brightness to compensate for the overall bright look.
The last show in the fall was outstanding. Wish I could also attend this one.   Hope you have your Wadia working this time SasakiSan!!   Rob
Thurrot says it much better than I ever could; here.
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