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 Mine works perfectly fine. Didn't even realize this was an issue. Tested on iPhone 7 Plus and iPad 12.9 Pro.
Listening with the lightning cable.   Arcade Fire is not as great as I would have liked. Maybe a bit unbalanced, the instruments drown out the vocals, and the vocals seem to lack emotion. The sound signaure is amazing for The National, though.    The detail is amazing though. I need to A/B, but they hold up to my HD700s, which I was not expecting.    They are the best fitting and most comfortable IEMs I've ever used.
 Ya, I was joking about how ridiculous Sennheiser's prices were for this thing, especially now that the headophone sells for only $150 more than the cable by itself. 
Just don't mess up the cable, it still costs over $300 to get a new one from Sennheiser.
Guys, my Bottlehead has been sitting in the closet for over a year now. It worked okay for the first year I had it, without speedball, although I did have some issues with microphonics. Last year I decided to install the speedball upgrade though and I messed something up during the installation that I was never able to troubleshoot on my own. My voltage readings at the end of the installation were very wrong on one of the channels, and I never actually powered it on...
 They're big, and they don't touch my ears. But the HD800 are bigger if that's your #1 priority :)
Have had these for a couple months. Still not sure what to think; they are amazing for some things, but miss the mark for others. I've started listening to rap on them though, and I was really blown away by how well they handle it. Great bass, they have no trouble keeping up with the music, and they are incredibly detailed. In more complex/produced songs, the wide soundstage adds a really cool effect, where you hear voices coming out of nowhere (in a good way).
Is that bad?
Huh. That's actually really tempting. I've abused mine so much though I wonder if they are still good sonically. I had issues with earwax getting in them so I would clean them by soaking with hydrogen peroxide and water. They always worked fine afterward, but I'm curious if they are still as good as a new pair/whether it is worth the investment in using them for customs.
 What do you mean by re-shell them? As customs, or do they sell OEM shells?
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