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 Ya, I was joking about how ridiculous Sennheiser's prices were for this thing, especially now that the headophone sells for only $150 more than the cable by itself. 
Just don't mess up the cable, it still costs over $300 to get a new one from Sennheiser.
Guys, my Bottlehead has been sitting in the closet for over a year now. It worked okay for the first year I had it, without speedball, although I did have some issues with microphonics. Last year I decided to install the speedball upgrade though and I messed something up during the installation that I was never able to troubleshoot on my own. My voltage readings at the end of the installation were very wrong on one of the channels, and I never actually powered it on...
 They're big, and they don't touch my ears. But the HD800 are bigger if that's your #1 priority :)
Have had these for a couple months. Still not sure what to think; they are amazing for some things, but miss the mark for others. I've started listening to rap on them though, and I was really blown away by how well they handle it. Great bass, they have no trouble keeping up with the music, and they are incredibly detailed. In more complex/produced songs, the wide soundstage adds a really cool effect, where you hear voices coming out of nowhere (in a good way).
Is that bad?
Huh. That's actually really tempting. I've abused mine so much though I wonder if they are still good sonically. I had issues with earwax getting in them so I would clean them by soaking with hydrogen peroxide and water. They always worked fine afterward, but I'm curious if they are still as good as a new pair/whether it is worth the investment in using them for customs.
 What do you mean by re-shell them? As customs, or do they sell OEM shells?
 To be fair, i owned them for about 5 years before they broke (I did need 3 cable replacements though) The bass is really quite good for an iem. Keep in mind, I came from an Ety ER4P. I also don't find the highs to be harsh, certainly nothing like a Beyerdynamic or AKG k701.  And for the sound quality you get for $99,, it's hard to think of anything that can offer the same kind of value. I think if I had paid more for them I wouldn't be so attached to them, although they...
Mine broke. The front part of the headphone that holds the tip just separated from the back part (the part with the metallic green paint). I've since purchased three new pairs of full size open headphones, which I enjoy, but I'm still left without a good IEM.    The Triple.Fi 10s were definitely one of my favorite headphones I've had, and arguably the best value. 
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