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Thanks NightFlight.   There is one solder joint that I know is not that great. I was planning on fixing it when I did the speedball installation. 
I've doen all the multimeter checks and they're all fine. Do you mean resolder?
So even after a couple days of burn in, I still get a lot of distortion from my amp. Is it time to call up Bottlehead and ask for a replacement tube, or is there something else that could be wrong with it?
On the subject of not having the headphones plugged in, on the Bottlehead forum there is a recommendation that the two unused prongs on the headphone jacks be wired to ground (picture in the link) to keep startup voltage at 0 (with no headphones plugged in).    http://www.bottlehead.com/smf/index.php/topic,2946.0.html
Aren't you worried about your tubes clogging up burning out?
Happy to finally be able to contribute to this thread (seven years after I started reading it),                      
Just by touching it, and it is only on the right channel.   I'm hearing some distortion as well during some bass notes, in both channels. (Intro by The XX causes it a lot, for example).   It is still new though, so I'll let it run for a day or two to see if it goes away.
I get microphonics in the right channel. Does that mean I have a bad tube?
 Yup, just got all the parts in and got it all set up. I even closed off the front side so I won't get shocked again. Whatever issues I was having before are now completely gone. I've only been listening for a few minutes, but it sounds absolutely amazing so far.
Besides, after what you did to your Crack, I think you've waived the right to call anybody else's ridiculous. 
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