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I agree about the HE1000. Also, of you are referring to my rig, the HD800 is stock,no mods other than custom paint.
Acer Iconia W700 full Windows tablet updated to Win10. Basically it's an ultrabook in tablet form sitting in a dock for more USB ports.
Heard the HE1000 on the Ayre/GSX2 setup and enjoyed it quite a lot. I'm happy with my setup, though, so no changing for me. I also checked out the enigma Dharma and thought it was pretty interesting. Certainly some bass distortion when playing louder, but I could see the merits. Nice phones. After those 2 headphones I was done with auditions. It was nice to be available to meet and help people rather than have phones on my head all day. Thanks to Dan for hosting us at his...
We have a large dolly if anyone has many boxes that need to be brought up. Text Dan at the number posted above and park in the loading area temporarily.
If you signed up after Wednesday you will have to make your own name tag and table tag. I'll have extra blanks and sharpies.
Pulled this from an old meet thread:
No etiquette regarding gear, bring lots, bring none, doesn't matter. Bring your enthusiasm for good music and sound quality and of course be careful with other people's property and you'll have a great time. I'll try to write up a meet attendance guide tonight for newbies.
Welp.. the headband pad on my HD800s sorta fell apart while packing them away tonight. It will stay on, but only just. The plastic retainer bars are mostly broken (old plastic to blame). Ordered a replacement, but it will be here after the meet. Should be usable, but will need careful handling.
Forecast is looking nice, should be a great day for a meet. High of 62 with no rain, clear skies.
Any progress changing the basement access? Updated parking/entrance and loading zone instructions. Please sign up by Wednesday so I can have tags ready.
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