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It's more that I'm pro angled. Everything else sounds L/R only.
Disagree with quite a few things, but they are opinions which you have right to. However, to say the HE-560 is comfortable and lightweight is stretching opinion. They are light-er for sure, but still not lightweight, and they have considerable clamp making them uncomfortable quickly.
Try moving the headphones around. Being an angled design you should have a mostly forward presentation no matter how you have it on, but perhaps you would benefit from a slight adjustment.
I thought the quik grip was because the power connector didn't stay in by itself. You can see the grip is only contacting the power plug on the left side.
I found the soundstage of the Z7 to be one of the best I've heard, mostly in front as it should be, unlike most headphones that are side only.
There is no bias here, only very conservative beliefs based on mutual respect and trusting those you buy from. I would NEVER publicly discuss a failure of a piece of my gear before I had discussed it with the manufacturer and it had been investigated and resolved.In fact, this has been recorded in Matrix Mini-I/Pro thread where I delayed making comment due to a bug in programming creating a stuttering output. I talked with the regional distributor, who relayed the problem...
You go to a clothing store. You buy a shirt. On the way out the door you notice it has a tear in it. Do you:A) Walk outside, grab a megaphone, and proceed to tell anyone that will hear you that this store sells torn clothing.B) Turn around and ask the cashier for a replacement. Receive said replacement, and walk out happy.
Over the top? No. It's about being a responsible adult. There is more at stake here than someone's lost amplifier joy. A small post about a smoking amp can figuratively start a fire that has massive repercussions. He agreed to test the Ragnarok. This comes with certain expectations from the manufacturer, such as being the first to know and being given a chance to make good on the failure. If I were in his shoes, with a beta unit that failed, I would have contacted Schiit...
Someone who signed up for a beta.
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