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Use the RCA outputs from the Ragnarok into your RCA inputs on your sub.
Oh, that's interesting. I signed up within minutes of this thread posting and the headphone entry field was not there. Jason, can you edit my entry to include:AKG K-550Hifiman RE-262Koss PortaproMEElectronics M9Sennheiser HD600Sennheiser HD800Sony MA900Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor
Looks like beta starts in a week when units are shipped out. 15 days after that beta ends. If no changes need to be made I would guess they'd be for sale within a week or two after that.
There already is one, Mani. Parts availability is delaying release, but it shouldn't be much longer.
No one is saying sub $500 is end game. You didn't say that either. The combos mentioned are good synergy setups for those saving (or waiting on orders) for end game amps/dacs. They also are better than quite a few more expensive mid range combos and even some high end combos.
I wouldn't be so sure. Modi/Vali reportedly does well at $220. I can personally verify that the M-Stage HPA-2 w/ USB does quite well for its $320 cost.
Bring on the rapture!
50% rejection rate is impressive. Glad I don't work for that company.
I happen to disagree with Hans, in that I preferred the PM-1 to the HD600 by quite a bit, and expect if the new pads from the PM-2 are a bit more open sounding, I would like an Oppo (either one) with new pads even more over the HD600. I'm not usually one to like phones like Oppo makes, but there was a certain something about them that kept me listening. I won't be buying either headphone, but I can see both sides of the argument. They are not the last word in detail or...
It's not so much the $100 amp, but which $100 amp. Tack on $20 and get a Vali instead.
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