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I tried the Gungnir with a number of amps over time and decided the DAC was just too shouty, especially with HD800s. It's a loud and louder DAC, lacking in dynamic contrast. The Mjolnir by comparison was adaptable to the various DACs I used with it, the sound changing with the DAC change. I'm not sure Mjolnir is a great match with HD800s, but it certainly isn't bad or even mediocre.
Prepro's post was the last when I started my post. Note the time difference between Marco's and mine.
Opposite for sure.
I agree completely. I'm getting tired of it. They even have a dedicated 'amps that can run HE-6' thread. The headphones don't even sound that good and are uncomfortable as well.
He was talking about the Mjolnir.
From a closed headphone? Doubt it. I find the MA900 to be tonally somewhere between HD600 and HD650, but with the soundstage of HD800s and comfort in a league of its own. Not the most detailed, yet still has ample air, and the bass is more controlled than most let on. Really impressive.Perhaps the point of contention has to do with how they are worn? I find pulling them back on my ears to where the cloth touches my ears you get much better bass response and volume as a...
Or MA900's more refined cousin, the HD800
Looks like an Oppo HA-1.
There are usually 2 Dallas meets per year, so be on the lookout for those. This year we only had one, but we should be back to two next year. Austin will be sometime next summer.
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