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Hence my comment about dis-assembly and unlikely re-assembly. You'd have to take it apart to do either of those things.
Doesn't that affect the ability for the case to be the heatsink? You are basically insulating with paint.
You'd need to disassemble it to do that. First you'd lose warranty, second... I doubt they could put it back together correctly.
MA900 treble is subdued, but still detailed and sparkly enough for me. How do you wear yours? If you pull them to where the pads touch your ears the bass will be stronger and if you pull them back to not touching you'll have a lot more highs.
Better layering, detail, precision, control, extension on both ends. I don't really find them cold, but they are colder than the majority of headphones which are overly warm. HD700s are not very good, don't bother. However, unless you are willing to lay down for a proper amp for HD800s, I wouldn't bother with those either. You can get by with inexpensive amps like the M-Stage, Vali or Valhalla 2, but I'd only do that as a stop gap while saving for a proper amp. I'm still...
No, they are pretty similar in that department.
Those look great!
Waiting for my own Rag before making comments, but I am looking forward to a 3 way solid state showdown.
Sponsors are nice, but having it all members is nice as well. I've organized both heavy members and heavy sponsors, and I think I like the heavy members type of meet better.
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