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I wrote Sandisk this month and they said "Our Sansa Clip+ and Clip Zip both are being manufactured currently." How long that will continue to be true I don't know. As for SD card size - if I can get it all to fit why not? I don't see any point of not having everything I own available at all times. I really don't see what the "charge cycle" has to do with it - I'm not going to change music every time I charge it. (I used to deal with that when I had a 2GB Cowon G3, and...
 I have been using a Rockboxed Zip for a couple of years and really like it.What constitutes "formatted correctly"? And do you know if the Clip Zip handles 128G cards as well? Currently I swap 32G cards occasionally, which is tolerable only because Rockbox allows a library-free mode, which means I don't have to wait for it to scan the card after I swap. But having only one card would be nice, even though I still won't use the library.My only problem with it is that the...
Foobar2000. While it is customizable, you don't have to do any of that, so don't be scared off. I have done virtually nothing except make the play/pause button on my keyboard go to Foobar for convenience.
My favorites from the linked list are Russian Circles "Enter" and Red Sparowes "Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun". Neither have vocals. The former's a bit heavier. Really besides Tortoise and Stereolab I haven't heard much from that list, so I'll have to do some research as well! I second Pelican as well.
This might not help, but you probably cannot be proved wrong. I also think you've listed most of the competitors. I've not heard of Laika or Archive but like all the rest. It's not a huge genre. Maybe try Goldfrapp "Felt Mountain"? Looking at the music map I can say I very much enjoy Air, which isn't really trip-hop but is closest on the map. I also like Thievery Corporation.
 I hear ya; Tool's hard to replicate.
All of it or just the new stuff?  Do you like Opeth?  For The Sword you should start with one of their latest two. I find genre-labeling hard and confusing for the most part.  What sort of musical qualities are you looking for most here?
Yeah, definitely proggy concepts/lyrical themes, maybe just more so than the music. Take-away is The Sword rules and OP should check them out. They're awesome live, too.
I like your list, but I'm not sure I'd categorize The Sword that way (though I love them).  I think they're more stoner, less prog.  Great if you like riffs. Maybe look into Intronaut, Burst, Anciients, New Keepers of the Water Towers' latest.  Though it's more post than prog, Russian Circles' sound is dark and heavy IMO.
I would say there's no reason not to rip to lossless (FLAC for me) for my main/permanent collection. However, I also create a -V3 mp3 at the same time for my portable. Fitting a good deal of music on a 32 Gb SD card for my Clip+ is great, and lossless isn't going to do **** for my van's factory speakers or my KSC-75's while throwing some iron around. For posters that have 1000's of CDs I can see where the space would add up, but I figure I'm at the high end with 650+...
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