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^ All the ES9018 DAC's say "upgrade to TCXO clock since 21st February" on their product pages (well the NFB7 is the only current product with the ES9018, the others all said it before they were discontinued). So the Digital Interface isn't the only unit with an upgradeable TCXO. I just paid for a new TCXO for my NFB10ES, as I got one of the first units... Now I'm a little worried. Can't find my allan key set at the moment to see whether I have the same one in the...
Only do this if you are suffering from space limitations because you are lowering the sound quality of your whole library as ClieOS has pointed out. On better sound gear you probably could hear the difference.   If you must transcode, it would probably be less harmful and more space saving to encode to a VBR mp3.
325i's were but no longer own them.
Behringer Truth B3030A's  are 165 each on Amazon. They're active studio monitors so you can use them direct out of out your NFB5 and don't need to worry about an amplifier. You will need a RCA to 1/4" adapters or cables (they only take 1/4" or XLR). I'm running their bigger brother (the B3031A) with a NFB10 and I'm very very impressed. Sound better than my HD650s for sure.   Pro audio gear dominates home theater stuff value for money wise IMO.   Edit -...
FWIW - I was looking into getting a Nationite S:Flo2 and found a couple of reviews on here. Apparently the SQ is very good but it suffers from a terrible UI. Hopefully a software update can fix it.
I see the WA6 doesn't have XLR inputs so you will have to use SE. An XLR to SE cable loses all the benefits of balanced so don't bother.
^ XLR will be considerably louder, have a lower SNR than SE and usually benefits from common mode noise rejection. It's technically superior to SE so you should expect a small increase in sound quality. Definitely worth the cost of the IC's - there's little point in purchasing balanced gear if you aren't going to utilise it.
Still looking...
"Love Love Love" - Avalanche City
Yes you plug it into the USB port on your laptop or whatever and change your sound settings to output to it (in Control Panel -> Sound on Windows for example).   Then you select the output on the NFB12 to either headphones (in which case it goes through the inbuilt headphone amp to the headphone jack) or DAC output (then the signal doesn't go through the inbuilt headphone amp, it just comes out the RCA output on the back).
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