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I actually don't mind the cable length....try dancing in your room with a 6ft cable attached to your head
Just picked up the Elear and here are my first impressions with direct comparisons between HD800 and Audeze LCD-3 using Bryston BHA-1 amp. Treble (instruments) are resolving and smooth with vocals somewhat softer sounding and less forward vs HD800 but on par with LCD-3. Mids/Upper mids seems "polite" meaning a bit tame and less revealing and recessed with certain genres namely rock. Bass is punchy and extended with slam but not bloated or muddy. Not as weighty or as...
Thanks for the comments I want to replace the bulky stethoscope like cable at some point but was the fence about going balanced....
Has anyone tried the Elear in balanced mode? I'm considering it and would like to hear if there are any improvements/benefits in doing so. Cheers
The 4-pin XLR Q cable that I have was originally made for Audeze.I have an adaptor which is used with HD800 in balanced mode and want to try an adaptor using the same Q Cable to save some money.Q Cable has adaptors for the Elear and wanted to make sure this will be fine before purchasing.
Makes sense....Another option I could do is to use an existing "balanced" 4 pin XLR cable and get an adaptor for the headphone end.Will this work?
Question about the Elear.... I want to try using an adaptor for balnaced 4 pin XLR connection. Is this recommended and safe to do? Will there be any sonic improvement?
Are you saying that since the stock Elear cable is unbalanced (TRS connector), swapping the TRS connector with a 4-pin XLR is not possible?
Regarding the Elear stock cable.... I want to modify the cable end to a balanced 4-Pin XLR....is this possible? Can someone help me with info on how this is done? Any links on how to DIY would be really helpful.... Cheers
Latest Fazor version in brown leather.
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