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As the heading reads, I'm considering the HD 800S for my BHA-1. I listen mostly to rock.... Is this a good match?
After reading most of these posts about the HD800S... I wouldn't pay more than $1800 and I speculate that the MSRP will be around $1950.
Any direct A/B comparisons between HE-1000 and LCD-3 Fasor? I'm getting a bit trigger-happy and might get the HE-1000. I listen to rock mostly... Cheers!
My experience is totally opposite of yours - My LCD-2 is the older firm padding, whereas, the LCD-3 has the newer thicker soft padding. Initially, I thought it had something to do with the addition of the Fasor.
I recently acquired an LCD-3 Fasor.   When I wear them (no music playing), I can literally hear my heartbeat (pulse from my temple).   Out of curiosity I put on my LCD-2 and I hear nothing.   Can anybody explain this??
SOLD Q Cable (not silk) single ended 2.5m with brown cotton in excellent condition. Rean mini XLR plugs with Neutrik 1/4" TRS connection. EMT (Interac) preferred PayPal (kindly add 3% to final total) Shipping at cost via Canada Post Will post some pics soon. Cheers!!
I'm confused... I see no crap here
Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 with Caribbean Rosewood   This is a Revision 2 model (pre-Fazor) with non-metal cable terminals.     - Leather earpads - Leather headband - 1/4" stock cable - Oil wood conditioner - Sinusoidal measurement graph - Literature - Ruggedized flight case - Original shipping box     Functions and performs flawlessly with no issues with drivers.   In excellent cosmetic condition, very clean and used in a non-smoking environment.   This pair has had...
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