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Hey thanks a bunch  
Jim Kelly is so damn funky in Enter the Dragon   and these cans look friggin' awesome (pre 1973).
Hello my friend!  I'll take yr GS-X when you tire of it!
Been running my GS-1 with the new updated modules for the past week and it' s a definite improvement.   For starters, the unit does run hotter (not a big issue), and the volume levels seems to be louder than previous.   A couple of very noticeable improvements:  First, the soundstage is wider and second, vocals and treble/mid-bass is cleaner and better detailed.   Noisefloor is non-existent and even quieter than the already quiet stock modules.   Well...
I like the see-through window! I placed an order for the new modules for my GS-1.- Due to the higher output of the new modules, does the GS-1 require special ventilation as shown?- Can the see-through panel be ordered?
All my sources are unbalanced so input will be single-ended.Have you (or anyone else) tried both the SE and XLR inputs?Will there be a degradation in sound quality by going SE?
I know Audeze doesn't recommend this but has anyone tried bending the headband?  I assume it's made of a thin metal sheet.
All my gear is unbalanced and I do like a laid back presentation with the LCD-2.  Your input and observations are much appreciated.
That's awesome news!!    Q:  How do I get on your e-mail list or get notified when the modules are actually ready for delivery/sale??
Justin.  Hope you have extra modules for GS-1's... (fingers crossed)
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