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Hi,   Is this still for sale?   Thanks,   Steve.
Do you still want the one you agreed to buy from me?   Steve.  
Both Sold, thanks!
Hi All,   I am selling 2 of my personal, used cables bought years ago from Jaben.   They are made with Crystal Cables Piccolino, the most flexible, strongest and best sounding wire available. Terminated in Switchcraft 3.5mm plugs.   1 is a normal LOD that will work with any ipod/iphone/touch etc.   The other is the same, but has a mini USB port in it so you can charge (via USB, Motorola phone charger, battery pack etc.) at the same time as...
T1 still for sale. Will make any balanced/single ended cables and adapters that you want included in price!
Thanks but I need the money more than another laptop :D
New balanced modded T1 still available, I'll make any sort of balanced or single ended cables and adapters you want to go with it :)   $900 USD shipped.
T5P and pictured cables sold pending funds.   T1 still available at the moment, will make any style cable you want included in price!  
Price drop to $900 each for either T5p or T1.   Will include cable terminated how ever you want :)  
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