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OK, been reading up on the ATH-M50's and they seem great. But costco is selling the aforementioned Creative Aurvana Live's for only $54.99 (Costco - Creative Aurvana Live! Vivid Performance For Music Connoisseurs), which has me second guessing getting the M50's. Any other suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by NapalmK x2 on the M50's. Creative Aurvana Live (almost the same as Denon D1001's) would also be worth looking into. What music do you listen to? Check the link in my sig, it will give you a good idea of what I listen to. Thanks for the recs guys. I have no need for specifically closed or open headphones, I just want whatever sounds best. I know that probably means open, but on the outside chance that a pair of...
I hate to take advantage of the collective knowledge of the head-fi again, but I am in need of some help. I basically have two requirements, the headphones MUST be/have. - Circumaural - A long cord (about 6ft/1.83m) Also my budget is $80... I know, I'm poor... Other than that, I don't have any requirements, I just want the best sounding headphones for the price. I listen to any kind of music I can get my hands on, but check my sig link if you need to know. The...
Thanks guys. I think I'll be going with the JVC HAFX66's (AKA Air-Cushion). They look like they'll be a good fit for me, and their cheap. I would love the UE Super.fi 3's, but they seems a little out of my price range, and I'm not really interested in buying used headphones.
Thanks for the help guys. I'm leaning towards the JVC's. I've pretty much nixed the idea of getting the PX200's, I'd much rather get the PX100's, and I probably will in the future just out of curiosity.
I know, the last thing you need is another thread like this, but I'm in need of help. I just recently got my first MP3 Player, and I decided I need a good pair of portable headphones to go with it. My budget is limited to under $50. Now, I know what you're thinking, 'It's obvious, just go get the PX100's!!!'. But I've been reading the board and I've concluded that they would not be good while using a public transit, which I will be doing occasionally, because they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrvile I thought "screamo" was just any band that did screamed more than they sang. Not like My Chemical Romance screaming, but like...Atreyu screaming. Nope, not at all. Both 'Emo' and 'Screamo' are offshoots of the Hardcore/Hardcore Punk genres. Here is one of the most popular Emo bands and a good representation of the Emo sound: http://www.myspace.com/pageninetynine
Actual Screamo bands worth checking out... Palatka pg. 99 (Maybe just Emo) Orchid
Quote: Originally Posted by JES hehehe The sad thing is, that I'm dead serious.
Any 'Top Album' list that does not include 'Against Me!-Reinventing Axl Rose' (my avatar) instantaneously loses all credibility.
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