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To the issue of poor remasters I hear ya (pun not intended) but I have heard poor remasters as well. As for issues regarding label restrictions, this could be a factor that I did not consider. Now also as other mentioned some CD's have had the crap compressed out of them as far as dynamics so. So it can be a bit of a crap shut in both matters. I am a huge fan of Dire Straits and other music that is somewhat popular among the non "main stream" but highly regraded music in...
Hello,   I have been looking everywhere and wanted to know where I am able to buy Dire Straits in FLAC. Can someone point to a place that I can buy albums from Dire Straits in FLAC?   Thanks, RH
Thanks for the link of all the sites. :D
I know it's digital and not using a resistor, but is why I use Poweramp and lower the preamp level.
This is quite true, as some of the material I have listened to (Led Zeppelin, and some other classic rock) has more detail, but that does not mean it sound better. This is one of the reasons that I like HD Tracks, when you preview a song, that is how it will sound once you download it.
What is your favorite Hi-Res Audio sites? I have used HD Track's, which I quite like, and wanted to know what other are out there that fellow Headfier's are using.   Thanks, RH
I figured it out with the help of using disc "1/2" and "2/2" and then edited tags in Media Monkey (Which I use for tagging) and is also my music player. I use ASIO to my audio interface to my KRK's or my IEM's.
How do I rip a 2 disc CD as one Album in DB Power Amp?
I am not sure what to say, except that if a headphone is ultra low resistance, and high sensitivity, there will always be some noise floor (hiss). The noise floor for me is fairly low, and my IEM's are much more sensitive and have less resistance.
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