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Hello,   I am looking for a new pair of IEM's that have a similar sound signature to the Rokit 8's. What suggestions are out there?   Thanks, RH
  Quad Core 2.7 Ghz PC  (24" Monitor)>Media Monkey>Lexicon AI>KRK Rokit 8's
Hello, Does the iPad Mini 2 work with MediaMonkey? Thanks, RH
Hello,   I have been a long time user of Media Monkey, and getting into High Res Audio (mainly HD Tracks, for now). And I was wondering it was worth upgrading to Media Monkey Gold edition.    Thanks, RH
Are there any that are stainless or unbranded?
Hello,   I wanted to know where I could buy cable splitter's similar to the Viablue yoke's in the states?   Thanks, RH
I am looking to build another set of speaker cables using Canare 4S11 and usually use connectors from LOK. They run around $6 each, but would like your opinion on your favorite Spade and Banana speaker connectors under $7 each?   Thanks, RH
To the issue of poor remasters I hear ya (pun not intended) but I have heard poor remasters as well. As for issues regarding label restrictions, this could be a factor that I did not consider. Now also as other mentioned some CD's have had the crap compressed out of them as far as dynamics so. So it can be a bit of a crap shut in both matters. I am a huge fan of Dire Straits and other music that is somewhat popular among the non "main stream" but highly regraded music in...
Hello,   I have been looking everywhere and wanted to know where I am able to buy Dire Straits in FLAC. Can someone point to a place that I can buy albums from Dire Straits in FLAC?   Thanks, RH
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