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I can tell what he has, I just meant there are a lot of screens. 
Cool setup, not sure there are enough monitors though. ;)
  What speakers are those? And what are you running them off of?   RH
Hey duma, what do you ride? I have a 2011 Fuji Roubaix 2.0 full Tiagra.
Is there a way to remove the lettering on Mogami cable without staining or discoloring the cable?
I believe you are correct. My mistake.
Check this site
Gotcha, I have been looking for a desk similar to that one, and have had the hardest time finding one l like.
I dig the desk, what is that?
A 10 inch sub is a bit much for 5's, although you do not have to run the sub full last, like Cel said. Generally as my rule of thumb I like to keep a sub close to the size of the woofers.   The question some may say, is why? My theory is by keeping the drivers close you will not have a obvious difference in the lower frequencies. My aim is to not "hear" the sub, meaning to help speakers blend not out do one another.   RH  
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