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I intended to make it a FT but forgot to choose the for trade option so I put in a random price. If you could help me move it to the cables forum that would be wonderful. Thanks.
I'm looking to trade new DIY Cardas 8.5' Audeze Mini-XLR -> 1/4" Cable for a non-stock HD 800 Cable. Please send me a PM if you have anything :). The cable has never been used.
Hi, I'm looking for a relatively affordable 10' HD800 cable unbalanced. Cable should be in good condition.   Thanks!
Anybody know where would be a place to pick one up in Toyko? Is the price set at 350,000 yen? Thanks in advance :)
aurabullet, answer my PMs.
Also looking to trade. Particularly interested in K1000, 009 or other high-end phones.
I took them out of the box and used them sparingly for a month, but I've decided to let them go. These have the leather headband and the new ribbon cable :). $900.   Wood case.
I would choose the AKG K701/K702/Q702s. They are fantastic for the price, and I've heard a lot of other headphones and I'd say they are among the best by far for the money.
What are some of the best tube amps available? Of course since tubes are important, any combos you particularly like?
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