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  I really like the new Lightning to USB since you can now run the iPhone/iPad with an external DAC and charge it at the same time.  For on the road, I still like the 6s plus- Lightning to USB- Pluggable hub-Dragonfly setup. I was using a T3Hub with my older iPhones, but it is too cumbersome compared to the Plugable.  I have an article/video on the setup,but I don't think I ever got around to posting a link here. 
For this purpose, I don't think there is a big difference between Roku and AppleTV.  I would get an AppleTV since it is a bit easier to use (right now, you can put Netflix on the second row and it will stay there).  With Roku (at least the one I own) the interface changes depending on the last app that was used.  Both work with any Harmony remote..which is why I wouldn't use a PS3 for this.   If you think she will ever want to watch Amazon Prime or Vudu, I would get the...
Thanks! I am not a member of AVForum, so I don't think you saw it there.I love the sound of the RS6 speakers. I have no plans to change the out .
This is my main setup ( I got rid of the door behind the chair, but it looks pretty much the same)         The speakers are Monitor Audio Silver RS6,  I also have their surrounds (RSFX), Center, and an eD Sub.     My office and bedroom have NHT SB2s. Let me know if you want to see pics of those setups.
Yes, I am using ios7 on my 4S.  I listened to two songs to test it and I did not have any issues.  
Has anyone found a less cumbersome solution than the T3hub for a portable way to fool the iPad into thinking it is plugged into a powered hub?  I tried the search function, but couldn't get it to work properly.   I got a Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and turned on home sharing in the Apple Music app on my iPhone 4S.  The Dragonfly signal is showing 24/96 when I play a 24/96 file.  
 Do any of them have autofocus?  That is the main issue with the micro four thirds adapters.
The main issue is that most of these smaller cameras still use large lenses.  Personally, I have no issue carrying a typical FF camera, but the lenses start to get really heavy and take up a lot of space when you carry several of them.  I don't feel that the Rebel or other small cameras that use heavy lenses like the 100-400mm compare with the micro four thirds that use a 100-300 ( 2x) that weigh nothing in comparison.  EOS M really needs more lenses for it fit that same...
Thanks for the video. It is definitely a lot faster. I am going to wait to see if the new EOS M, that is rumored to be out before year end, has more lens support. To me, that is the main weakness in the format now that AF is fixed. Like you mentioned, there are some regular lenses that are small and work with it, but if they could add just a few more it would show more commitment to the format. I do plan to keep am eye on it, but this next year will tell me whether I...
Yeah, my main issue with it is the current lack of EF-M lenses, when compared to the numerous lenses for micro four thirds. The 50 & 85 f1.8s would still be in the right size range, but I would just use the FF DSLR if I was carrying something bigger. I still may get one down the road, but I may wait to see if they continue supporting the format. Is the autofocus as bad as I have been reading? I heard they did a firmware update, but I haven't heard if it fixed this...
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