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That's pretty weird, it sounds great. If this is meant to be, it's just brilliant. I'm going to try it with some other music too, perhaps I can discover some more
Kristin Hersh has a new album out called "Learn to sing like a star" it's mostly acoustic and I love it The gathering - Home (the older work isn't acoustic and neither is the newer work, although you should check it out if you like this album) Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones (nice album and dvd of the concert) Ulver - Kveldssanger (Haunting vocals and nice guitars, slow music in general) That's about all the acoustic rock I have
Foo Fighters - Skin and Bones. It's a nice album imo (the dvd is nice too).
Boring voice over, but a interesting movie. Nice find !
Quote: Originally Posted by eduj The Gathering.I love Anneke's voice I second that. Talking about Dutch stuff.... Anouk has an unplugged album (or at least a load of unplugged songs) if I remember right. I don't have much unplugged stuff now that I think of it, I'm looking arround now to expand my library. So far I'm enjoying Deerhoof and Jenny Lewis
91.7% Correct on tone, 84% on the rhythm (shame on me). I expected something like 75% on the tone test, how's that for a drummer The test would have been easier if the samples weren't so choppy. I took the pitch test too (pretty annoying test ). 33.6 Hz which is pretty bad if I look at the graph, I can't really tell.
Ben bought my DT990 PRO. He replied quickly, and he also transfered the money quickly. He remained kind and calm even after I disappointed him. Here's the story: He didn't receive the headphone. I gave him the money back after he's been waiting a month (I've been testing his patience ). I suggested that he would return a part of the money if he ever received them. (he's been waiting for a month, and he has to sell the headphone again. He deserves a share of the money...
Looks like it was a nice meeting with loads of gear. It was a bit too far away for me (sold my car on feb. 4th so I couldn't make change my mind on the last minute either haha ). I hope the next meet is near Amsterdam, but then it would be too far away for the people from Belgium. Every place sucks I guess Anyone have more pictures? I can't get enough of the pics of the gear *drools*
On daily basis I eat: Young Goudse Young Goudse Komijn (caraway in english ?) When I've got money to burn: Old Amsterdam Different cheeses with herbs from the cheese market or shops. (Kruidkaas, sambalkaas etc.)
Imo the 650 has nice bass with impact. You can get them for $240 (assuming you live outside Europe) at so that's might influence the choice. Check out this thread if you haven't already:
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