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I just bought a pair of these for my daughter after some research. Supposedly the Zoro HD is supposed to be quite good sounding Guttenberg and Tyll like them. I'm assuming this latest wireless version has the same HD drivers. I got a new set for 99 on ebay. Haven't heard them yet, though. But guys here like these Noontec (even though I've never heard of them. I'm rolling the dice)
Nice pics. Thos pink momentums are looking good!
I wonder if the blue momentums would do the trick? Colorful, yes. But not exactly sleek and trendy looking. Although I did the look, I'm not sure its 18 year old girl cool.
Monster sound like crap? I should have figured as much. Yes, I definitely think I need "colored" phones. It's a girly thing. What an embrassment!
All thought it cuts me to the quick as a 14-year member of Headfi and devoted Sennheiser and AKG man, my 18 year old daughter wants headphones for Christmas. We were walking through Staples and she pointed out a bright blue pair of "twistable" Monster headphones. She said, "Oh, I like these. I couldn't break them." My heart stopped. Monster headphones? Oh, fi on thee, daughter!  How dare thou mention a phone that hasn't been around for 30 years! What will be next?...
Bump for price dropl Don't miss out. This is an incredible sounding design. My caps are breaking in and mine sounds better and better. For this kind of money you'd be silly not to try crossfeed. The one I built is breaking in now and and these parts will build you a wonderfully clear and detailed crossfeed. If you're a serious headphone user and haven't employed crossfeed in your signal, you really don't know what youre missing. This design is meant to go between your...
BTW here's my finished crossfeed!    
For sale is a Modified Linkwitz Crossfeed board that was designed and sold by Warren Young at Mr. Young no longer manufactures these boards, so this may be your last chance to get one. Gentleman prefer crossfeed! This is the most professional crossfeed circuit board you'll find. The Modified Linkwitz Crossfeed is wonderful. I have had several different kinds and this is my favorite by far. I think this design, based on a circuit modified by the...
Howdy Purk! Glad to see you still around! :) You know you want this Orpheus. Ah, hell, you probably have one!
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