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I've bought from Razor Dog. He's a good, trustworthy seller. My guess is the "instant rebate" is actually him just knocking some money off the price.
This is one of those internet search black holes where you will NEVER find a consensus on which brand is best. I've been down that road several times and it's almost a pointless search!  Toshiba, Western digital and Seagate. Take your pick. All good.
  DUNCAN?!   Wow, the undisputed master of the portable cd player!!! How completely trippy to see that name again. Wow, Duncan, the month upon month I spent doggedly reading your threads for inspiration. Which iron tank Sony REALLY had the best sound? Nevermind if it ate AAs like peanuts, it's the sound we're chasing here. I bet half the current members would say "PORTABLE cd player? Really? What did you do with those?" :)
  It's been so long, I'd forgotten what Qualia look like. Checked out some photos on Google. BEAUTIFUL. One of the ultimate industrial designs.
  It's the future, man. I still regret not buying one of those Final Fantasy watches when I had a chance.  
"This whole "bigger is better" message to the general public is very misleading...and I think it's going to come back and bite the music industry in the ass if they don't start delivering a clear, true, and balanced description of the real problem." This wholesale jump onto the hi-rez bandwagon by the industry is little more than the execs looking for a new way to sell the same old music. They made us buy our favorite movies over and over again, working video sales to...
 I swear I'll never touch another slice.
You know you're a headphone fanatic when you get to the point you just feel better with them on... even sans music! 
 As one who grew up in the Manoa Valley, we must stand firm! Good to see you still around warubozu. Another name I haven't seen in a long time. It's fun to come back to Head-fi.
Pineapple? Pineapple? Freshly cut in Hawaiian fields and lightly salted. It is heaven. Blasphemy to bash the noble pineapple! BUT, by the same token, putting pineapple on pizza is like murdering Caesar! Never! Never bake the mighty pineapple!
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