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Well, let me give you another perspective on this comparision. It's 2017, several years later, but I still like the sound and value of these dacs.      I've been using an HRT Music Streamer II for about six years. I was impressed by these dacs because I had spent MANY years looking for a CD player with a sound I liked. I finally found my cd player nirvana with a Rotel 855 cd player. I like a warm presentation with rich mids and good bass. To me warmth is "musical."...
  Which cans was he blissing out to in the end? The HK I think! Are those any good?
I almost feel like I should go see La-la Land because the critics are insisting on it, but something has been telling me I'd hate it, too. And since you also found Rogue One boring, I think out tastes must run similar so I'll skip it. Thanks for the warning.
Pretty interesting that old Headroom is still near state of the art. I've always thought all it takes it a good set of ears and the right engineer who loves music.
I just returned. THought I'd play catch up around here. Amazed to see so many old timers.
I just found this thread because I'm playing around trying to get a Realist CD-3000 (rebadged Toshiba XR-P9) working (it won't work unless I apply pressure to the case directly above the spindle, somethings not making contact) and I am awed by this thread. That you disassembled and clean those tiny buttons makes you an electronics god in my book. Wow. Never seen such work!!
For sale is my 5.5 gen ipod video. I upgraded it to 120gb a year ago. Since the upgrade I've probably used it 20 hours max. I don't do portable much anymore and I'm concentrating on my home setup. The iPod has an Invisible Shield cover on it. The ipod was mint when I put it on. There is one small dent on the back lower left corner, but never affected performance, which is perfect. The battery is very strong and runs for hours. Just in fine working condition. $120 shipped...
I bought these two years ago and didn't use them much. Now I do all home listening and no portable. Have the case. $80 shipped. PM Me. Thanks!
For $6 apiece I got some Vitamin Q. You wowed me again. Had these for my Max. With the Muse ... incredibly smooth. Now my speakers sound like HD650s.
please see above! Forgot to quote!
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