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Looks like fun! Chris Pratt is making the move to serious-superhunk lead? That's going to take some readjustment on my part!
Amazon just put these on sale for the holidays: $199
That's a bit of a shame as the seller Adgtron specifically told me they were new and sealed headphones. I could see that someone tried to peel off the refurbished label and then thought better of it. That's a shame. So I got overcharged and scammed a bit. I couldn't find this guy on the list of authorized Sennheiser dealers despite his claim on Amazon and ebay. I would say beware of this seller.
  I'm waiting for the first brave soul who takes a tiny drill bit to the cups. It ain't going to be me.
 I'm a little nervous about this too. But my guess is it will be the person 15 years from now who buys them will have to worry about that fix.
I doubt this was a Head-fi only contest. The winner might not be a member here.
I bought some new momentums and I'm trying to decide if it's time to upgrade my belove JDS Labs CMOYBB to their C421 amp. I love the smoothness of the CMOYBB and the fullness of the midrange and bass. I like a nice warm fat sound. Will I be losing some of the warmth of the CMOYBB by moving to a C421? It it even worth upgrading? What will I gain? Thanks for your help.
It's because they sit in front of their computers posting on websites.
I'm not good a recharging. Whenever the time come to use something with a rechargeable battery in it, I've always seemed to have forgotten to charge it. This is why I like equipment that run on regular batteries AAA, AA, 9-volts. I pick these batteries up at the dollar store and they're worth the money for that discounted price. So I was hoping guys here could throw out some names to me of the portable amps they know run on regular batteries. I would appreciate it!
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