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I bought these two years ago and didn't use them much. Now I do all home listening and no portable. Have the case. $80 shipped. PM Me. Thanks!
For $6 apiece I got some Vitamin Q. You wowed me again. Had these for my Max. With the Muse ... incredibly smooth. Now my speakers sound like HD650s.
please see above! Forgot to quote!
Tomb (if you're still around these days, I haven't been here for a long time) I've been reworking a crossover on a pair of EPI loudspeaker. They uses a single capacitor and resistor as a crossover. I tried some Bennic film caps to replace the old Callins electrolytic but I felt the film caps were too bright. So have liked Muse ES caps (when I was building my MiniMax with VitaminQ from you!) I tried a Muse ES and I like the results, but as you have said they do roll off the...
Raising Christmas cash sale. A very nice, 100 percent sound pair of while AT-M50x phones. Sorry, no box and only the iPod appropriate short cord. Gently used near mint. $90 shipped CONUS.
I have to ship some small, but 25 lbs (total) speakers to Hong Kong from California. Does anyone have any tips for getting them there safely and signed for by the purchaser? Any recommendations for a good service to use or experience with a service to recommend them? Thanks for your help!
Oh, yes!   #10: Dark Chocolate Magnesium in 100g 1 Square (29g) 1 Cup Grated (132g) 327mg (82% DV) 95mg (24% DV) 432mg (108% DV)  
Musicians and synth fans, lend a hand with one click (to vote) Hey, I have a couple of the LittleBits Korg Synthesizer kits. They are great fun. They're little LEGO-like electronic building blocks. Korg helped design an analog synthesizer kit, which a lot of guys and musicians are playing with. They put poential new synth modules "up to the vote" and we're trying to get a low frequency oscillator (LFO) on the plate. There's a vote page. No sign ups, or emails required....
I took this test. In my book a smooth, refined treble equates with "high fidelity." Consequently, I failed their test miserably as I could hear the treble boost on most of the "hi-rez" tracks. I guess I was supposed to pick those as "high fidelity," I chose the opposite. The compressed tracks were more pleasant to my ear without the elevated treble.
New Posts  All Forums: