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I took this test. In my book a smooth, refined treble equates with "high fidelity." Consequently, I failed their test miserably as I could hear the treble boost on most of the "hi-rez" tracks. I guess I was supposed to pick those as "high fidelity," I chose the opposite. The compressed tracks were more pleasant to my ear without the elevated treble.
I just rolled the caps in my Headroom Total Airhead. Don't know if the Elna Silmic II will be an improvement over the Sprague Oscons or not, but "different" should keep me interested for awhile!  
If it only hurts when you're listening to music on headphones, then it's a sign you're damaging for hearing. I did that about 2 years after joining head-fi from excessive use of headphones. If it's a wincing kind of pain, like sharp little stabbing, you're on the cusp (or in the midst) of damanging the cillia of your inner ear. They are becoming damaged from over stimulation. The next stage will be serious tinnitus. The only cure for you now is to take about 3 to six...
Looks like fun! Chris Pratt is making the move to serious-superhunk lead? That's going to take some readjustment on my part!
Amazon just put these on sale for the holidays: $199
That's a bit of a shame as the seller Adgtron specifically told me they were new and sealed headphones. I could see that someone tried to peel off the refurbished label and then thought better of it. That's a shame. So I got overcharged and scammed a bit. I couldn't find this guy on the list of authorized Sennheiser dealers despite his claim on Amazon and ebay. I would say beware of this seller.
  I'm waiting for the first brave soul who takes a tiny drill bit to the cups. It ain't going to be me.
 I'm a little nervous about this too. But my guess is it will be the person 15 years from now who buys them will have to worry about that fix.
I doubt this was a Head-fi only contest. The winner might not be a member here.
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