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Any suggestions on a full size headphone that resembles the sound signature of the JVC HA FX750?
AKG Q701 Shure SRH440 JVC HA FX750 Narmoo S1
AKG Q701 (Value for money - massdrop) Stax SR84 system JVC HA FX750 (have owned far more expensive IEMs, but these are keepers!)
Whitigir, great views. I'm enjoying these earphones. Good bang for buck. The bass does calm down. They were a bit much at first but after 50 hours it's much better. I wasn't the greatest believer in burn before, but definitely am with these. I've settled with spinal dots, and are usable on the Busan subway. Walking by the side of the road isn't so good. Highs are detailed and very smooth. These are the first pair of earphones where the highs aren't lacking or sibilant or...
Yep, my bad. I just looked again. Out of the box, the bass seemed a bit much, so changed them to the double flanges quite quickly. After 25 hours or so, they sound a touch better. If it is brain adjustment or burn in, others know more than I, but happy enough so far. As an aside, using the dots with the Narmoo S1,shows a marked improvement.
I received my JVC HA-FX750 yesterday. Great build quality. The S and L tips don't seal, only the M fit. The bass was a bit too much for me on some tracks. Very happy with the treble quality. I alleviated the bass problem by changing the tips to some old head-direct double flanged tips. The sound is more balanced as a result. It amazes me how much the sound can change with rip rolling. I'm now waiting for some spiral dots to arrive. I won't be going back to the stock tips.
For use on the train, walking (I walk about two hours a day) and sitting at my desk. It doesn't need to have Etymotic standards of isolation but more than the Phiaton PS210 is required, they didn't isolate enough. 
Thanks! Maybe it'll be the FX850. For example, PF's 'One of these days' and 'Any colour you like'. I've bought and sold a few IEMs in the past years, but I've not bought an 'expensive' pair since ACS T15, which I liked a lot but lacked the musicality and punch of a dynamic driver. 
I've been reading about the Duoza, CKR9, CKR10, Dunu DN1000, Dunu Titan 1 and the JVC offerings. I'm looking for a 'keeper' which sounds great with downtempo, electronica and ....... Pink Floyd. I like to hear the bassline in some PF tracks, the sparkle and imagining and soundstage.  I love my JVC DX700 and AKG Q701, but looking for an in ear for travelling through the day. I have to Narmoo S1, which I've enjoyed greatly, so good for the price, but a criticism would be...
The latest product I am aware of is the High Fidelity TD384 using the ES9018K2M chip for D\A conversion. 32bit/384KHz pcb DSD. Bluetooth compatibilty. It's currently available for 548,000 won in Korea. Seems a very reasonable price for the tech on offer.
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