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Same here.
Apologies in advance if this question is redundant.  I previously owned the Vali 2 and purchased an Electro-Harmonix 6922 EH Tube to "Roll" with the Vali 2.  Unfortunately, I could never get the EH to sit right with the Vali 2 and was very hesitant to apply too much pressure in fear of breaking the pins (despite several owners using the EH with the Vali 2).  I am considering purchasing the Vali 2 again and would really like to Tube Roll safely.  Would a Socket Saver help?...
Thank you sir.
Interested in purchasing an additional set of Pads to use the Rings for a set of HM5 Pads for my HE-400i.  Could someone please post a link from either the Hifiman Store or Amazon as to which ones I can purchase where the Ring is not Glued to the Pad?  I will not be using the Pads so the cheaper the better.  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.
Doesn't work.
Unfortunately no.
Moto X Pure running 6.0.  Just wanted to make sure it's working correctly understanding how temperamental Android can be.  I understand there was a run where Android/iOS Devices were having some issues.  Incidentally, the Fulla 2 is most likely the best "Bang for the Buck" I have heard since the Audio Alchemy DAC in the Box I purchased 20+ years ago. Thank you.
Does the Fulla 2 have the ability to work with Android devices without being powered separately?  Mine will work with UAPP only if I have the Fulla 2 is powered separately.  Otherwise I get a USB power error.  Apologies if this has been answered previously.  Thank you.
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