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Me stating my personal experience is kind of a troll?     w.e
Unfortunately there's too many bugs with 2.4.
The new firmware is dodgy as hell.
That's it I'm convinced.  going to try it tonight.
Nobody said it was super bad, and nobody said others aren't over priced, they are.  But it's like what's said previous, why would you spend money on this just as an amp.  Other all in one solutions are better overall, or you can spend left overs on a dedicated amp.  
Sledge the x3 is pretty subpar in the amp category compared to other high end players, not to mention other amps.
got this for holidays
Basically, from what I've read, if you're after the warm sound of the famed 650, don't get the 2015 version.   So if I have lcd2, t1, hd800, grado rs1, the hd650 doesn't fit in any niche use, am I right?
New Posts  All Forums: