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It's headphone sound card   or headphone amp dac source   Whole point of dac/amp is to bypass via digi out, which is either spdif via mobo or sound card, or coaxial if your sound card has it.   You don't amp it twice.    Wait, also usb, but that's an option I never explored so I forgot about it.
 I disagree, but only as some sound card have good to very good recording capabilities. As for OP, do not buy anything.  Just hold off until you can actually afford something that's worthwhile.  Even onboard can power the T1, just not very well, but it's audible.
He's coming out with a new CD/book called Reintroduction Etudes, to encourage former piano players to pick it up and play again.  From the preview it sounds awfully good.  Check it out:   http://chillygonzales.com/
I have several copies as well.  The oldest is a tape from over 20 years ago.   Honestly though, it's all pp, though for me it's the one off hdtracks that's no longer there my favourite (not avail in 96/24 at the time).
Yeah, YOU PEOPLE.   I got a few in addition to T1.  
Ahahahaha   Man the shipping alone...
  Yes that was one of them.
Same, but for me it's in between 22 or the 5.   I've only ever seen two wa22 sold used here.  Maybe the gon will give you better luck.
Mmm yes, this talk about wa5 is relevant to my interests...   My only concerns are that I'll need to buy another 5u4g to pair up with my left over eml, and to get an 3xlr to 4 or se connector for the T1.9
She's like a 6 on the global scale. 
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