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Quote: Originally Posted by dripf    After following the Stax thread for a month, I no longer have an antipathy for audio snake oil salesmen. The average hobbyist has no interest in the science contained within his music, equipment, and listening. We demand to be able to dump our money!   Yes we do but its unlikely you will find it here....... look elsewhere there are other other forums/sources where its covered in greater detail in which some of the audio worlds...
When you say better --- better in what way sonically or otherwise? The BH & BHSE are an interpretation of the original T2 design The DIY T2 is a modernised and improved version of the T2 circuit
So we have Stats-2-DIY-for 
The Jecklin Float is 1200v Bias but they have much larger drivers than most electrostatic headphones. The earliest version was 1500v. 
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