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 Well thats a sweeping statement if ever I heard one !! I must say rather an arrogant comment too, as each individual has their own experience, priorities and preferences.Each individual has different hearing capabilities and you are forgetting the most important thing of all, the grey matter between your ears. which has a huge influence on how you compared to someone else perceives sound
 I would say the Sigmas are between the 007 and Lambdas regarding efficiency. The 007 Mk1 needs a really serious amp to make it sing properly and only the SRM-T2 can do this IME. Alternatives are the BH/BHSE and DIY T2. Possibly the KGSSHV/KGSST not having tried either with the 007 Mk1 I can't comment.   
 Hmmmm hardly Guggenheim material or a design classic I would say just a stack of ugly boxes.B&O would have done a done a much better job. but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
   I have feelings of Déjà vu here, the new is always the latest and greatestI would reserve judgement for 6 months or a year after all the dust has settled
 Actually I have not found the Sigma Pros thats easy to drive, they have always seemed much less efficient than a Lambda. They do seem to need a bit of oomph to bring them to life. 
 I was thinking of the 207 or the older 202's The 507/407 are top of the Stax Lambda range The LCD orthos have a very narrow soundstage unlike the Stax and it you do an A/B comparison with some music which has a fair amount of higher frequencies and ques, say snare drum, hi-hat and cymbals you find almost all of this information missing on the Orthos. On the Stats its all laid bare, the rasp of the snare, the shimmering decay of the cymbals and is coherent with everything...
The Aurix is similar in design to the ECP Black Diamond, has anyone had the opportunity to compare? http://www.ecpaudio.com/BlackDiamond.shtml
   Have to agree once you have tasted Stats IME there is no going back. You might have a dalliance with something else for a while but inevitably as Arnie would I'll be back I fell in love with the Audeze for a while but found them in comparison to lack substantially in the top few octaves, detail and finesse. In fact much of what was recorded was simply not audible when compared with even with the entry level Lambda.   
 No No its the head-fi hype train getting up a head of steam and is about to leave the station, so book your ticket or get on board   
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